Cannot center trim of Rudders & Ailerons

I cannot get the trim centered after take off on any aircraft. The aircraft is constantly turning left & right and will not settle down. I have checked the fuel and passengers’ weight and set buttons on my yoke to adjust both rudder & ailerons left and right and to center them. With no wind I used these buttons to center the controls but they still continue to drift. Nothing really solves the problem. I unplugged and replugged in my CH rudder pedals and reset the sensitivities and still no luck. The slow banking continues and will not continue to fly straight ahead. I appeciate any suggestions.


Edit: deleted by poster as outdated.

I did check my controllers and seemed okay. Also, a friend of mine has the same problem.

Wonderful. if that was true :wink: because then you and your friend can now submit a bug report and Asobso can determine if the problems lies by you and your friend or in the app. Please do remember that if all the other users do not have that problem, only you and your friend will not be able to enjoy the sim.

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U sure it’s not weather or plane imbalance? In many planes I see a tendency to roll left or right depending it seems on weight distribution and winds. I see it mostly during climb phase at below cruise speeds on 152/172 and some planes are more prone than others. The ones with ruder trim are easy to get to balance but 152/172 does need constant ruder to correct.

I’d say while it may be a bit too much I’m by no means sure it’s not intended as I have no real flight experience. But imbalance and winds sure have an effect there

Do you have the trims mapped to axes or buttons? If axes, be sure they have ZERO deadzones. Deadzones don’t start control motion from zero, they immediately jump to whatever deflection is at the end of the deadzone.

For instance, if you have a 2% deadzone, you can only set minimums of +/-2%, and nothing in between.

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I think I had that problem initially, as well. It had to do with the mapping of my CH Rudder
Pedals. Make sure you are not using the Rudder Left or Rudder Right settings … just map your rudders to Rudder Axis and make sure it says Joystick L-Axis Z … and leave the Reverse Axis box unchecked.

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I’ve had the same issue on occasions and am trying to isolate the cause.


Thanks. The hardest aircraft to trim is the 172. In fact I really cannot trim that aircraft. The others are okay.


You are correct WirableGosling5

I’ve look through every available programmable keys to reset or recenter programmable keys for any of the trims. There are none. I thought the trim on/on and trim toggle would work but they don’t and one is related to the autopilot. You have to manually adjust them until the trim is removed. You can view the settings directly on the controls and float your mouse over them to view and dial the trim back out to zero / center. I’m going to put in a development request for it.


I have the same issue - was waiting for the update to bring the sensitivity window correctly. But I cannot auto-center my ailerons, rudder or flaps. They either move in one direction or other - default centering does not work.

Same/similar issues. Trying to get to straight level flight so I can work all this stuff out, so far without success. Was mildly optimistic that the sensitivies patch today would help, but it doesnt seem to.

Thank you for the tip, that worked for my Thrustmaster pedal rudders. The Cessna is much smoother.

I noticed this flying c208. Before I touched the trim, everything was working but as soon as I touched it nothing worked - centering by resetting it, applied aileron and rudder trims, it just kept trying to turn upside-down. After restarting MSFS everything went back to normal.

Hey, very old pilot…How would you know if “NO ONE ELSE IS HAVING THAT PROBLEM”. You don’t know me. I am a real world pilot. I am having the exact same problem ever since the USA update. I suggest if you don’t have the answer, don’t respond. Thank you


Don’t feel alone. I am having the same issues ever since the USA update. I have used the keyboard to see if I could fine tune the rudder trim, but that didn’t work too well. The keyboard input isn’t set to fine tune the trim, it moves it too far in either direction. As an aside, my Carenado 182 flies perfectly well. No rudder trim issues at all.
If you find an answer, please post it here for me.

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Hi FurtiveCircle22

You are referring to a post I made on Sep 1 based on my best knowledge at that time after spending many, many hours reading hundreds of post - also so that I can contribute to the community by helping less knowledgable and less experienced users who may have issues and/or users who do not use the search function. Quite a lot of forum members do that - and make solution suggestions that are not always correct.
Do you read the post dates?
I do not have a crystal ball and therefore cannot foresee that an update may change the sim setting (e.g. key/control bindings).

True, I do not know you but do not see the relevance. Furthermore, I could not foresee you (or someone else I do not know) posting about having the same issue as the OP on Dec, 15. Probably due to aforesaid lack of crystal ball. I do note however that your forum history shows 2h read time and 8 posts created - none appear to be aimed at helping users with issues. I really must consider ceasing to do that if it annoys you.
I also do not see why you feel the need to mention that you are a real world pilot. That obviously does not make you an expert on this sim - otherwise you would now not need to ask for help from ‘mere mortals’ or perhaps be in a position to make many posts in an attempt to help users with issues.

I am sorry to hear that and apologise for not being able to foresee that.
As I cannot be sure that my answer will be 100% correct and to your liking and because there is a search function, I will accept your suggestion and not attempt to help you. No need to thank me again.
I hope to see you attempting to help many users inn the future.
Happy flying.

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My comment wasn’t about “foreseeing” anything. It was the rude manner in which you said “No-one else has that problems”
Being overly verbose does not impress me.

I wouldn’t waste too much time with him quite frankly. He does this a lot. Best avoided tbh.

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I too have this issue since the USA update. On an Xbox controller. It seems that each time I hit the trigger buttons (which control rudder) it moves the rudder to a new angle and leaves it there. So even without any input to the triggers the rudder is no longer zeroed.