Cannot click on any cockpit items in corner of screen

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Not using Dev mode

It seems that throughout the entirety of the time this sim has been released there has been an issue for me where I cannot interact with cockpit items (Dials, Switches, Buttons, Touchscreen Panels etc) if they are in the corner of my screen. (Full screen not windowed) not sure about the other screen settings

Steps to reproduce:

Go into a cockpit,
Set a camera view where there is a button, switch etc in the corner of your monitor screen (eg bottom left)
Try to interact with the item (click)

AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Eight Core CPU
Corsair Vengeance 3200speed 32GB
RX 580

Zendesk ticket #97092

Yes, there’s about a cm to an inch bordering the screen where you cant interact with the cockpit, and I keep getting caught out by it.

Very annoying.

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I learned about this one last week. Seems like anything on the peripheral screen area for me. Just where the controls for the GNS530 normally sit. No problem once you are aware of it.

I always seem to be caught out by it and would like it fixed. QOL improvements easy to implement (I think)

As it seems this has been updated to “Solved” today…
I am yet to check it out so we shall see what happens. See Below for Update:
UPDATE: It is fixed! Thank you Microsoft Flight Simulator Team for fixing this bug! Thanks all for following this thread. Goodbye.