Cannot complete first tutorial C-152

I cannot complete even the very fisrt tutorial. It says HOLD E TO FOCUS ON SEDONA AIRPORT.
Although E locks the view the instrunction doesn’t go green and there’s no continuation of the tutorial, the instructor keeps flying and there{s no more interaction.
Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Are you pressing button E on your joystick or E on the keyboard? Took me a bit to realize it wanted the E key on my yoke, which on the Logitech yoke was the button on the back of the left handle.


Spot On! That worked! Thanks so much.
I have the same yoke.

I can’t passed the point after you look out the window, I get no prompt at all. What usually happens after you look out of the windows?

I think after you look out the window you taxi onto the runway then take off. (But don’t quote me on that lol)

Yeah that was my first MSFS Problem I got. Saw the 1 and used 1 on keyboard and numpad, but the 1 from my HOTAS was meant :slight_smile:

It works using the yoke’s button instead of keyboard.

That part doesn’t start for me. I just get the first part where you look left or right and then nothing else comes up after that. I tried pressing e in case it missed the text and speech, but nothing happens. I’ll register this with zendesk.

HAHAHA, that is hilarious! Not that people make that mistake but that it is so unclear. I would have been mashing my keyboard too.

Thats lesson 3 i think mate

I eventually ended up not finishing the tutorial. It seems to have very specific ways of doing things (I concede this is how it should be, just like the real world) and eventually, it became too dull and repetitive. Combine that with the long load times, I just had to give up.

Ended up jumping into the free flight and learn those things anyway with help from this form and youtube videos.

I was able to do all segments of the flight school, EXCEPT, after completing and check next, the screen went black and crashed requiring a new log in. Very frustrating. I think I need to report to Zendesk when I ha be the time!

The first time I tried the tutorial around the August 18th, although it was slow getting started on meaningful instructions, I managed to get to the throttle adjustment but crashed for trying to do it with a mouse. Since the tutorial wanted me to start over from the beginning, no way to jump back to where I crashed out, I gave up 'til today. Today when I tried it, I got the look around instructions, did so, but no audio, no screen prompts for TWENTY MINUTES before I just gave up (except the message “The instructor is flying the plane” and to use Ctl+Space to restore the default cockpit view, which I did several times).

There is the famous saying, “Your FIRST impression may be your LAST impression.” Microsoft should seriously consider that with this sim. To spend several minutes just taking the new simmer on a joyride with no comments from the instructor whatsoever is NOT REAL. If you were paying $200 per hour for plane rental and the instructor, would you want to go on speechless joyrides? To provide PR about how great the sim looks? (we already get that on long loading screens :slightly_smiling_face: ). Well, maybe the new simmer needs an introduction to how planes move in the air, flying level, banking, climbing, descending, you know?! Anyone who’s accumulated any miles as a commercial airline passenger knows all about this already.

Perhaps the sim needs a little user profile that determines what the user’s flying and/or simming experience has been and adjusts the tutorial process according - just removing useless minutes of doing nothing much would be good for starters.

My problem is a bit different- during the takeoff tutorial, I taxi into position, and take off with no problems. But shortly after I am airborne, my instructor either says, “We’re too far down the runway” and aborts me back to the starting point, or " We’re not going fast enough" and ditto. Also, even with “all assists” selected, I get almost no instructions from her after her first “mile of runway takes you anywhere” quip.
Anyone else experiencing this? Frustrating.

I discovered why for me it was impossible to do the tutorials - I had turned off the Objective applet in experimenting with Free Flight and that carries over into the Tutorials, when it shouldn’t. The developers should fix that so that no matter what the user’s settings, when he/she enters Tutorials, the Objectives applet is loaded and working properly.

After 23 takeoff attempts at Sedona, I finally passed tutorial step 2. Here is what I learned in the process:

1 - I’m using an ancient Logitech Attack 3 joystick. I had to set all 3 axes to -50% sensitivity. I was overcontrolling.
2 - You don’t need flaps or to change the mixture.
3 - You must follow the Instructor at her pace. Don’t try to get ahead of her.
4 - You must look both ways before entering the runway. You must also line up exactly on the center line and apply the brakes before taking off.
5 - Do not come off the taxiway and start your takeoff while turning, as I have seen many commercial pilots do.
6 - You must start to raise the nose before the white patches on the runway, even if the speed is not 55 knots yet. (I think this is a bug in the tutorial. I have seen lots of videos where folks wait until they hit 55 and take off perfectly. But this occurs near the white runway patches, which the Instructor thinks is too late.)
7 - Be sure to keep at or close to the runway heading of 210 after takeoff.

When I finally did all these things and flew level for a while at 5500 ft on a course of 210 with about 1800 RPM on the tach, I finally passed tutorial Step 2.

I will look forward to your tips on how to pass the Sedona flying pattern tutorial (tutorial # 5)!

I guess the rigorous requirement is complete each step to go onto the next mimics real life flying - if you screw up at one point badly, you might not live to go on - but it’s too bad that the tutorials don’t grade you on your overall performance step-by-step or give you specific pointers on what you successfully need to do to complete a step. I can land reasonably nicely now after 22 go-arounds or so in the Sedona flying pattern tutorial but I always inevitably do something the AI instructor doesn’t like (usually how or when I turn crosswind or downwind). After I land, I get a "Nice landing! (or “Not Bad!”). “But you weren’t supposed to land there.” And admonishment that we’re going to have to do it over. I admire the intention but not the implementation of the MSFS tutorials. Relatively speaking, there are not that many factors relative to the tutorial criteria. Airspeed, pitch, yaw, roll, flaps, trim. It would be great if the tutorial could actually advise as to what one needs to correct to meet its criteria for successful completion of each step, e.g., “your airspeed is insufficient, suggest increasing throttle at this point.” The tutorial has some ideal flying pattern in mind - I don’t think it can be rocket science to provide feedback on why the user is deviating at some point from the ideal flying pattern and rather than waiting to the end, “You weren’t supposed to land here?!,” the tutorial might as well cancel you out at the point where it can no longer understand or accept what you’ve done up to that point when you are only graded at the very end (I can go all the way through the tutorial and land but it still just gets hung up on missing the downwind turn, according to its criteria).

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JAl: You are 100% correct. I almost gave up in frustration because I kept failing the hidden criteria. I was searching the web today and noticed that someone had made a series of videos on the FS tutorial flights. I’ll have to check those. I’ll look forward to lesson 3.

Jal: One last thought. I fly (used to) commercial a lot. At our little airport here with a 5000’ runway, the pilots of the ERJ-90 come around the turn from the taxiway to the runway really fast, and pour on the power without stopping. I guess they would fail the tutorial.

Great. If you find a YouTube video that specifically addresses secrets of completing the MSFS tutorials, thanks for posting it. Squirrel’s tutorials come up prominently both in Bing and Google searches but they are just flying tutorials and don’t mention completing the MSFS tutorials. I particularly like his tutorial #8 on landing at KRNT. I can almost float down on the Sedona runway now (in a Cessna!).

Edit_Update: BTW, similar thread, in the forum GUIDE section, no less:

So it seems like something Asobo/Microsoft need to fix…