Cannot connect to online services after 03/15/21 MS service outage

Since the Microsoft / XBox Live Service outage of 03/15/21 which at the time lead to the issue described in this thread (Now what!?! (Authentication) - #7) on my machine, too, I am unable to connect to any online services.

I can launch MSFS2020 without any error messages but in the home screen, the “Marketplace” tab as well as the multiplayer icons are grayed out. When licking on my user name, no servers are available in the server dropdown. In the dropdown, it says “automatic” and the little waiting-cursor keeps spinning endlessly.

Live weather / traffic is shown as working on the flight creation screen but in-game it isn’t. Also, clearly, no terrain or other data is loaded in-game from the cloud servers.

Clicking on “logout” quits the game and starts it up with the same problem. I also tried switching online functionality off/on in the options menu, with no impact. I tried restarting the computer as well, with no impact.

I am logged in in both the MS Store app and the Xbox app (I purchased the game through the MS Store).

According to the downdetector website, the MS service outage should be fixed by now.

Can anyone offer me assistance (which would not include re-downloading / re-installing the whole application)? Thank you.

Seems that I have this problem too…
Help !

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Here is “my” solution to your problem!!


Thanks, it works !
Yeah :wink:


You, good sir, are a legend. :+1:

Thank you very much, that did the trick. (Now I feel stupid for not trying that myself.)

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I have the steam version. LOL when I checked the settings, all multiplayer options were turned off. Just turned it on and everything works again!

i also have same problem can,t conect to server did you solve the problem

I am currently having this problem 18th 2021

Hallo, seit gestern Abend ist bei mir auch alles offline. Während ich im Spiel war gab es ein Fritzbox Update, der PC war kurz offline und nun kann ich MFS2020 nicht mehr online spielen, genau wie von QuickNiq beschrieben. Hat jemand eine Lösung?