Cannot download and install WU13

It’s the third day I’m trying to update the sim with the WU13! The base update of MSFS installed fast and OK, but as for the Oceania update - it’s a complete disaster for me! First thing is that the download speed is just horrible - not more than 0.5 Mbits/s (while speedtest shows my download and upload speeds as almost 40 Mbits/s - so it’s not the problem with my internet connection). I restarted MSFS and my PC several times, it didn’t help. Within the course of 2 days and nights it downloaded everything except “OCEANIA - POINTS OF INTEREST” part. I left it overnight to download, but in the morning it showed some error. Then in the morning the speed was good, but it started looping - downloading some part then resetting it to zero and starting over! Now it’s downloading but again really sloooow at 0.5 Mbits/s! So frustrating!

My problem is that I cannot even find the update. I downloaded the mandatory update a few days ago, assuming it included the world update. Then I remembered you have to install it separately. But content manager does not show it either as installed or not installed, though it shows all the other world updates.
Maybe someone can tell me what’s wrong…

Sorry, I had forgotten that you have to buy it from the marketplace, even though it is free. So that fixes my problem.


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