Cannot for the life of me figure out how to build custom polygons

My home airport has canals almost all around it that has water overflowing to the streets and houses. I have been trying for a few days now to use the SDK to remove them.

I can easily add polygons with the object editor, exclude them as rivers, and they work just fine. I save the scenery, and then attempt to build them. Building them seems to be just fine, and I copy the created project folder into my community folder to see if it worked. No luck, I feel like I’ve tried a hundred times closing the sim and restarting it with different methods to see if my changes worked, but still no luck.

I have noticed that I save polygons into their own file, called “shape files”, but what do I need to do to be able to include these in the build process? What am I missing? I have checked out the youtube SDK playlists that are out there, and I have the latest SDK build.

I am not trying to place models, terraform, etc. I just want some simple polygons to remove overflowing canals that detract takeoff from the airport a bit.


I can’t tell you if what I do is the right thing, but it works for me. I use the SDK to make minor changes, like to add lights and maybe place a building or two, so no one would want my scenery :slight_smile: I use the directory structure below (which is probably not the right way for distribution) but I don’t plan to ever distribute mine.

Basically, I put the scene and shape files in the mycompany sub. Hope this helps.

Have you put the whole project folder into the community folder? if so this is wrong you just want to copy the file inside the packages folder that is found within the project files and place that in the community folder.

Thanks to both of you for the responses. I am trying again this morning.

I get these errors when trying to build the package with my BGL in it:

Have you read the SDK and set the paths of your project correctly?

I have been trying to read the SDK for the past couple of days(like this: SDK Documentation)

but I still get the Failed to validate loaded data errors.

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The console Is telling you that your output path for your BGLs (and the polygons creates a bgl) Needs to be in the form of


Your output path Is lacking the Word scenery in It

Also, seems like you set the output path with the Path of your source folder

Check this video for more info, time stamp 9.20

Finally figured out why my shape files weren’t saving and it was all on me. I was not saving them to the proper location, due to my misunderstanding and limited knowledge of the SDK. I am now able to save my custom polygon files and they load in-game properly.


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