Cannot hear and see ATC instructions

during the flight I can no longer see or hear the news from the ATC. Only my answers are displayed and audible. Is very common with me. does anyone have any idea?

have you turned up the volume of your radio?

Yes, 100%.

Has somehow the Voices slider in the settings, be turned down to zero? I have forgotten to reset this after using vatsim.

Yes, I had the same experience, but only in the last phase of my flight. At the beginning, everything worked as expected.


Same scenario to the T. my co pilot would respond but nothing audio or text from the tower.


I can no longer see or hear the news from the ATC. Same here… I can broadcast out and see and hear my text. But ATC Packed a lunch text and audio wise.


It happened to me yesterday too, then I got a red message on screen saying the Azure voice service was offline. After a couple minutes it came back online again. Guess the Azure servers are not handling well the load. I even tried to change the voices to offline instead of Azure but still couldn’t hear the tower, only my pilot’s voice.

yes i think that is due to the co-pilot. I did everything myself on my last two flights, no problems. so it’s up to the AI ​​…

This is also the case for me. After I reinstalled the game, I couldn’t hear or see what I said. I tried to delete all the plug-ins, but in the end it didn’t work. This update is really disappointing.

ATC seems to be backup on my end. Must of been an online glitch.

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Yes me too in the middle of the flight using 787 im delegating the atc to ai but then only the response is shown no voice of atc too


It’s random, but ATC text and voice does drop out. The longer your flight, the more likely you are to get this bug.

The only workaround at the moment is basically to listen/read your own pilot/co-pilot read back the instructions.


Same thing today. No ATC voices or texts after initial handoff on two flights. The in-between flight Azure dropped off for 30 minutes but came back.

Yes this happened to me yesterday. I am the only one broadcasting and doing the read back to ATC but i don’t see or hear any messages from ATC.

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Same here. I had it and was wondering if I was doing something wrong halfway through my flight it just stopped and all I could hear is my co-pilot’s response. Add this to the list of issues.

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I experienced the same. The whole sim feels like all over the place with tons of bugs and I even CTD’d. I have so many issues I am starting to think I need to reinstall…

I haven’t had this problem since I’ve been doing the funk myself. as soon as I turn on AI it comes back

It was working okish last weekend but this week the Azure ATC is completely messed up. Either not responding/blanking you. The air is dead, no other traffic communicating which is really annoying.

Please fix ASAP.

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Hello - this has been a problem since release. Azure voice services can get overloaded and you loose the ATC voices. Changing to offline will always mean you can hear ATC but does mean its always the same voice, both for ATC and you as the pilot. You can’t change back during your flight however - it won’t fix it. I normally have to restart FlightSim to guarantee hearing ATC again.