Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

I think we all experience it. And it’s been happening for awhile so clearly Asobo don’t view it as a priority to fix. So basically we just have to get used to it. Or stop using ATC completely.

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Same exact issue here today with SU7 installed, and all drivers and OS updated. While on the ground everything was fine, and once up in the air and reaching my first waypoint, and having been redirected from Departure to Center the ATC voice is gone. And can only hear my co-pilot.

I can also confirm ATC audio loss bug is definitely still here after SU7. It seems to be persistent too across flights until FS is rebooted.

Before SU7, I had this problem on long flights after maybe 2 hours of flying, but since SU7, I’ve seen this problem happen after maybe 10 minutes of flying. I’d say I’m seeing this problem early on on maybe 15% of my flights (and I’ve seen it without anything in my Community folder).

Adding to this post, I have started noticing that the issue appears roughly around the time when I have reached my cruising altitude and afterwards being handed over to the next ATC Area Controller.

Today’s route.
All the way during ground, taxi, climb out everything is fine with Gatwick Tower, and London Center. As soon as I’m handed over to Manchester Center the voice of ATC is gone,

Will do further testing to see if this is repeat behaviour.

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Here we go again.

Tested this morning with another flight from EGPH(EDI)-EGLC(LCY) with both Online and Offline Traffic disabled. [On that note it is weird to be the only plane in the sky] and there were no issues whatsoever during the entire flight.

I’m preparing my second flight of the day from EGLC(LCY)-EGHQ(NQY) as we speak where I’m going to enable Live Traffic and see what difference that makes. And will report back on the issue afterwards.

Uneventful LCY-NQY journey

Instead of enabling Live Traffic I have decided that I’m going to do AI Offline as on this route Live Traffic would have been quite sparse once leaving London. So cranked everything to 100% and even after multiple reroutes from London Center to Manchester Center, to the approach at Newquay the voice did not cut out at all.

Only other troubleshooting that has been done on my part was to limit any of the background apps that may be using too much network traffic so that MSFS doesn’t have any issues with bandwidth, and have restarted the router beforehand.

So all in all I haven’t actually got down to the root cause yet, since it was an uneventful journey today, with that being said though I do have a feeling that if I were to go ahead and load up a longer flight I’d just eat my own words right there and then.

Seems like that it is a final update to this saga. (Although we shall see)

Third flight today that I have completed GMMX(RAK) - LGAV(ATH)
AI Offline Traffic enabled, and put up to 100% on both Ground and in the Air.

During the entire 4 hour and a half hour flight, no issues whatsoever that I would need to report. So either there was a hotfix released, or it was the aircraft that I’m flying causing the issue and the worst part is at the moment I still can’t rule all of the things out, because during all of these flights I have been using the same aircraft, and the same flight planner as always.

Will update if and when the issue pops up again.

I was wondering if anyone who can fix this is seeing all of our posts. Thanks for opening the ticket.

This is happening more frequently for me. Almost every flight and staring earlier in each flight. So frustrating.

I returned from a long hiatus, halfway through the flight I do no longer hear ATC except my own replies. Please have a look at it! It seems be a problem for some time now.

Still broken from what I’ve seen. Random when it hapens. I can’t pin it down to anything in particualr. Some flights are fine others not.

I too have been experiencing this issue. I had it occur before the latest update, but now it seems to be happening with more regularity. I have not noticed any triggers. This is on Xbox Series X. I usually fly in default A320Neo.

I usually have my AI co-pilot handle the comms. I’ll try handling all ATC myself and see if that helps.

Happens to me every flight since the SU7. Nor can I hear what ATC tell me, nor can I read it written in the ATC window anymore.

I have found that if you switch audio in GENERAL OPTIONS->SOUND->ATC TEXT TO SPEECH SETTINGS from ‘AZURE’ to ‘OFF’, the text version of ATC messages reappear. Looks like this is where the problem/bug lies. Only problem is it’s then all quiet and I’m prone to missing messages. Toggling the setting back to AZURE takes it back into the bugged state.

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I had this bug as well since November, then in the last update it was solved for itself, and now for the last 2 days it is happening again. Still enjoying the incredible VFR, but not the same without the complete ATC experience.

X Box S user: Same here, after approx 1 hour, only my co pilot heard, also no ATC at KSLC etc, find my own gate & way after landing. Ground services but nothing responds.

I’ve never had this issue until today. pretty annoying. turning text to speech off does bring text back but kills immersion. hoping this problem does not continue.

It appears to be another online related issue to add to the many online Azure issues/dropouts that are affecting other parts of the sim. I really wish they’d address these as as you say they kill immersion. This bug can be reduced if you switch to do manual ATC though. (admittedly not great if you want to walk away from the flight for a while!)

I have the same problem

I uninstalled msfs2020 and reinstalled. I didn’t solve the problem