Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

The Content.xml file in Steam is located here:
%appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator

I have a few content.xml files.

I did do a full backup before trying this. The one that seems closest to what you say above is in C:\Users<My Name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\

I’ve just deleted it. After doing so and starting flight simulator I can report that MS Flight Simulator does create another one when you run it, and deleting the file makes no difference whatsoever.

The problem remains as before. No text or speech is attached to my replies. The ones from ATC have text and speech.

Thank you for trying to solve my problem. I do appreciate your efforts. Sadly it remains as before.



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Does this happen in all aircraft?

It happens on all the aircraft I fly in, which is the Bredock3d B737 (main plane) and also the Asbo b787 and Asbo B747. I only fly jet airliners.

It started to happen in Late January./early February. Before that it never happened.

Thanks for all your help.


Well, its now gone the other way. I cannot hear or get any text from the ATC. My replies now do appear in text and voice.

I have not changed ANYTHING in my setup.

The ATC is random and completely unreliable.


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That is a known issue. At least you are like the rest of us now!

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It has now gone back to as before.

I do hear ATC and get text for ATC, but my replies have no sound and no text appears.

Again, I have changed NOTHING. How can Microsoft justify this constant bugging and changing? If its a known issue why don’t they fix it?

If X-Plane 12 is any good I’ll be moving over to that.


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I’ve given up on this getting fixed and have bought PF3.

This works properly, unlike the MSFS version. Their support forum also answers your questions and fixes things, again unlike MS/ASBO.


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I have this problem, ATC works fine from taxi to take off and then with flight following, AI controlled Radio I was getting great handoffs to center but after about 40 minutes into the flight, I only hear my AI pilots responses and no longer hear ATC. Sad that I found this thread and have seen no fix or resolution or even an acknowledgement Asobo. Really loved the ATC integration, especially with live traffic, adds so much to offline flight. So dissapointing.

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I had the same issue-ATC only and no cockpit side convo- after a clean reinstall. Then, I noticed I lost ATC (sometimes just after takeoff or after an hour or so) if I tuned ATIS for taxi.

If I never touch ATIS, then ATC talk has remained - to date and as far as I recall. These were on 1-3 hr flights.

Yes, fix this Asobo! It’s definitely a bug and it’s detracting substantially from my flying enjoyment.

EDIT: I just did a flight and did not use AI ATC (Copilot). The issue still happened. I lost audio. I could see text, but no audio. I am flying the Aerosoft CRJ. I don’t think Aerosoft thinks that the issue is related to their software.

Today on my flight, I did not use AI (copilot at all). Handled all comms by auto-tuning. I lost my voice. I could hear ATC responses clearly, but not my own voice. Something ALWAYS has to go wrong with ATC. This sim is becoming a real dog. Not even enjoyable to fly when you can’t count on it to work. These are basic functions that SHOULD work! Simply so disappointing as other aspects of the sim are excellent.

I don’t know what it is but even when the airspace is not too busy and the flight is over 15 minutes long, I lose ATC. I can always tell when I’m about to lose ATC when my copilot voice becomes the ATC voice.


RE: go for a restroom break and come back 5 minutes later to find they have dropped your IFR following :sweat_smile:

At least that is consistant.


Like others I am being plagued with this bug where all incomming ATC text and voice disappears and I am just left with my own replies.

It seems to hit me if I am parked up and going through the checklists prior to departure and another aircraft calls for taxi clearance. ATC will respond to them and then I will loose all incomming radio text and voices but I still have the “acknowledge instruction” option in the ATC window and can hear my own voice reply. In fact the only way I know I have an instruction, and what it is, is to watch for this and reply.

Sigh, another small but very annoying bug spoiling almost every flight.


Another complete failure of ATC today. After a long flight preparation, pushback, taxi takeoff and 30 minutes at cruise altitude, ATC goes dead. I can’t hear myself, and ATC responses, my IFR flight plan gets cancelled. I purposefully did not listen to ATIS at the departure airport, I did not use AI/copilot, did all the radios myself. I just shut down the sim in frustration. I’m having to think long and hard about whether or not I want to continue with FS. It’s barely worth the effort when there is a strong likelihood that after all the prep, that you’ll end up disappointed. I sure hope that Asobo is listening and will actually do something about this. It plain sucks.


Probably needs at least another 500 to 600 votes before it will even get noticed by Asobo. The fluffiness of clouds is obviously more important :wink:


Let your AI co-pilot handle the coms, it makes the flight a bit easier, and you will still hear the responses, and won’t get cancelled.
As well, when you notice the AI responding and nothing from ATC, you can switch to Com 2 and get it restored in most cases.

Thanks. Yeah, once my ATC is gone, it’s gone for the flight. I managed a couple complete flights doing the comms myself. When my copilot was doing the comms, ATC would crap out every time. Switching to the 2nd comm radio made zero difference for me. The last time, when I was prompted to contact center, I tried, the tab greyed out and I lost all ATC, no sound from me, from ATC and no AI aircraft. Nada.

I have had pretty good luck, and only lost it completely a couple times.
Most times, as long as I have the ATC window and the plane on Com2 it works fine!