Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

Appreciate the reply.

For me, hearing ATC is mission critical as it’s how I practice the art of comms for real-life flying. Being alert to callout of your tail #, understanding what was said, and being able to repeat back what was said are important for both VFR and IFR flying.

I have tried using COM2 as well, but to no avail.

It’s also frustrating because I bought the product 18 months ago (or there about) and it advertises spoken ATC comms, yet I still don’t have it.

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Do you have the Nvidia sound drivers installed?
If so delete those, they have proven to be problematic.
Under the sim’s General Options, Sound, what is set for Communications Selection?

I’ll have a look at the Nvidia situation, thanks.

The Sound option was my fourth bullet–I’ve tried all three available settings there, including Default.

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Interesting update:

If I use actual headphones plugged into my sound card, and turn off the engines, and if I’m tuned to a frequency that MSFS thinks is locally used (nearby tower, or ATIS, etc), I hear the simulated radio static noise in the background, albeit very, very quietly. But I still get no voice. I see the ATIS and ATC communications in the dialog box, but still no audible voices.

In Assistance Options, User Experience, are ATC Voices “on”?

ATC voices are on, yes.

On the topic of Nvidia drivers: I disabled those devices completely. There doesn’t appear to be a driver “removal” option, as the audio capability of the video card will always reinstall that driver after reboot.

Can someone elaborate on how exactly I should “remove” the problematic drivers? Again, doing so in device manager is a fool’s errand, as it just comes back on reboot.

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AFAIK this bug has nothing to do with Nvidia drivers.

Was advised several times, including here, that Nvidia audio drivers can be a problem.

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I’m getting this same issue through Xbox S. Shortly after departure ATC response completely cuts out.

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That can often be restored by switching the ATC window to Com2 and doing the same in the aircraft.
Ensure the radio frequency in Com 2 is the current one from the ATC window, and ensure the Com2 volume is loud enough.


I have a similar problem.

About 3 days ago this started to happen. My ATC replies do not work. There is no voice announcing what I say and also no text in the ATC box showing what I have said.

The ATC voice and text works fine. My replies are the ones which don’t work. The actions are done and accepted by the ATC but no text or voice is shown.

This is mildly annoying.


The Com2 suggestion does not fix the problem. Thank you for the idea and attempt at a fix.

The com2 works most times when you can’t hear or see ATC.

Your issue is the exact opposite.
If you have any addons in your Community folder, I would try with that empty and see if that helps.
If you are using any 3rd party plug ins that you start when you use the sim, uninstalling those may be something to try as well.
This very well could be caused by a conflict.

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I do have Simshaker for Aviators and Simshaker sound module running. These are new additions as I previously used Opus FSI to drive my buttkicker.

I do like the ground rumble and other effects from the buttkicker.

Opus used 6% of my CPU resources, and Simshaker is much better at driving the buttkicker and it also uses only about 0.2% of CPU.

My problems did start when I switched from Opus to Simshaker though. I will disable simshaker and see what happens.

This is a problem for me if Simshaker is the culprit. I really like the software and what it does.

The England v Wales rugby is about to start so I will test all this later and report back with the results.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best regards,


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I just tried it with no Simshaker.

The problem remains. My ATC replies are not visible or audiable. The ATC is visible and audiable.

Just like before. It is therefore not Simshaker. I bellive some sort of update of MSFS has caused this, since I did not have this problem for the 3 months and 130 hours flying time I had before this started.

Thanks again for trying to help, but my problem does remain.

Best regards,


I can confirm. No ATC audio after takeoff for me either. Issue only started within the last 3 days. Up until now, it’s been fine. Live Weather wasn’t working for me either, but seems to be OK today…

PC version. Latest update(s).

Well SU8 did not fix the problem.

It did, however break the using of buttons to increase/decrease autopilot altitude variable.

I got round it via Spad.Next, as the sim control settings don’t work.

So well done Microsoft, your update fixed nothing and added another bug.


Go to
and delete CONTENT file after try start the game its fixed for me

Thank you for the suggestion, but I do not have that directory to delete.

I have in the directory C:\Users<My Name>\AppData\Local\Packages
various directories, but the one above is not there. I go from
when they are viewed in alphabetical order. I therefore cannot delete this directory as I don’t have it?

I am running the steam version if that helps