Cannot hear ATC instructions and other aircraft suddenly while AI copilot still responds

I have had pretty good luck, and only lost it completely a couple times.
Most times, as long as I have the ATC window and the plane on Com2 it works fine!

Ill have to try that since I loose ATC audio on most of my flights.

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I have the same issue. Kills the joy of any IFR flight. Also note you no longer hear any calls from other jets to or from ATC. It becomes only your Co-pilot or you responding. It is a bug logged, but has anyone seen any indication at all from Microasobosoft that they even acknowledge this issue exists? IMHO it should be very high on the fix it list. No working work arounds either.

There are workarounds mentioned in this thread.

Once ATC is gone it is gone, try all the com channels you like, still gone. Only my copilot responses heard or displayed. No longer hear any other jets comm with ATC to or from. Everything vanishes except my copilot replying to calls I can’t hear or see. Makes IFR challenging and really kills the flight.


I disabled AI from options menu, restarted the sim and have been flying long flights with zero loss of ATC for more than a week now.

What I did notice is that when we had a brief interruption this week in our internet service, it dumped me into offline ATC, and did not return when the internet returned. Wondering if ATC is requiring solid uninterrupted Internet connectivity to stay properly operational. Perhaps that’s why people are losing it throughout the flight? No idea. I’m just gonna keep using manual ATC and hope for the best.

I agree - i’m no longer using the AI function for copilot ATC. I now have to keep stabbing that number one key all the time but I still get ATC throughout the flight. If it’s a long flight I just let ATC cancel my IFR flight plan and then request it again when I get closer to my destination.

I never had AI copilot ATC in the old FSX so if and when it starts working again it’ll be a huge bonus…

That’s a good joke there… lol :joy: Workarounds are not fixes and once ATC is gone… It’s gone bruh


It must vary from set-up to set-up.
I can always get it back by turning the ATC window to Com 2, and then doing likewise in the plane.
I have even had that stop, and had to switch both to Com 3

The problem is that there are multiple issues mentioned in this thread. The issue that many people are frustrated with appears whether you’re using AI copilot or not, and there are no known workarounds for it.

The issue is all the same. I have about 20 posts in this thread, so I’m quite familiar with it.
If you aren’t using the Ai copilot handling coms, you will have no chance to know what the ATC is saying when it goes, and some can’t get the AI pilot to respond either, and I have seen a few cases where the user have had it just the opposite, they can hear ATC but can’t respond at all.

I had trouble with the COM 2 thing for a while as well, it didn’t always work originally, but it started working every time for some reason, but now every once in a while it occasionally cuts out as well after a short period of time and I need to go to COM 3, and once I was actually able to switch back to COM1 when Com 3 went as well.

So, there are work arounds, but they just don’t work for everyone.

most annoying bug

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I’ve been learning IFR flights and flying a lot of trips lately. I can report this issue happens on my server mostly during “business hours”. I’m on the east coast of the USA connected to the east coast server. (ping 20ms) If I fly during the day (Business hours on the east coast) it happens every flight shortly after you take off. I have not had the issue occur when flying in the wee hours of the night from around 11PM till the next morning. Could it be Azure is not able to handle it’s business demands during the day and thus limits\ the gaming community during peak business hours? Feel free to try this on your server if you are able to fly during the day and late at night\early morning. I did several long IFR flights last night, no issue. I have done two flights today between 10 AM and now 4PM and I experienced the ATC drop out on both flights. I will try again tonight and see if the issue occurs.

I noticed when I had an internet dropout (rare but happens) that I had a similar event where ATC went silent. It’s possible that there’s too much demand. Makes sense in a way. I’m still having total luck with ATC manually (not AI copilot) though, just keeping my flights short to keep from having to sit at the machine forever haha…

I started flying around midnight tonight and so far no ATC drop out issue. Completed a 2 hour IFR flight and had ATC all the way from take off to landing and to the gate.
I may be off here but it looks like flying during business hours for your server is the issue. Perhaps MSFS gets a much smaller amount of bandwidth and server priority during the times when businesses are accessing Azure. Surely this can’t be it. Azure should have plenty of resources 24x7. Perhaps it is just a coincidence. I would love to hear from others if the time of day affects them on this issue. Thanks.

I frequently use the sim between midnight and 8 in the morning. Still get the problem.

Only another 600 votes to go before Asobo gives this some attention :wink:

I get the problem regardless of time of day.

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I guess we can be thankful Asobo isn’t a hospital…


Same for me. West USA server.

I too have no luck getting ATC back with the “com 2 fix”. Utter load of nonsense is that “fix.” I’m not convinced it’s AI related either. I say that as I only turn on AI ATC (co-pilot responding to instructions) once I have requested take off at the runway. I sometimes lose ATC during cold and dark set up before I have handed comms over to co-pilot.

I’ve no idea what is causing it. But once it’s gone, it’s gone. No getting it back until I start a new flight.