Cannot install MSFS 2020 on Windows 11 Release Preview 05 Oct 2021

Windows 11 clean install from ISO and up to date build 22000.176 from Insider “release preview” channel. (the build that will go live for public release on 05 October 2021)

Open MS Store, and It redirects you to Xbox App to install MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe.
Login to Xbox APP, select MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe, and press Install.

Install fail with error: 0x803fb107 & 0x80073cf3
See images below of all the steps.

I have reported to Zendesk and so far all the default generic checklist steps are not working.

So after 3+ days of struggles something just happened and I was able to install MSFS 2020 from the Xbox app in Windows 11.

The installation and update experience on Windows 11 is vastly different to Windows 10.
In Windows 11 everything MSFS 2020 related, clean install or update is from the Xbox app, versus Windows 10 where it happens via the MS Store.

Just glad someone finally figured out what was wrong and fixed it.

Thank you!

Perhaps the “change” was something in the update yesterday?

Nope was also still not able to update after yesterdays World Update 6 release.
The issue started already with 1.18.15 build.
After I made this post earlier today, and maybe linked on my Zendesk submission they figured out the problem.

So I was able to install MSFS 2020 in Windows 11 just now and was the build.

I did install the 1.18.15 build before on Windows 11, but when I tried to do a new install on a clean Windows 11 installation 3+ days ago, it was a no go, as per my original post above.

I am also on W11, just in case:
With SU5 MSFS showed up in MS Store first, but WU6 was updated automatically in the XBox App.
Since MS Store was updated in W11, MSFS is no longer listed in the MS Store library, only in Xbox App.

What channel are you on Win 11, Development, Beta or Release Preview?

I am running Release Preview channel.
I still see MSFS in MS Store, it shows to press Xbox App.

But then Xbox did not want to send me the FS2020 , just always failed.
But it is installed now after making Zendesk report and post this forum topic.

What version is your MS Store? I am on version 22108.1401.11.0

Weird. I’ve been running Windows 11 (latest BETA release) and experienced no issues updating MSFS. I think the real issue with updating MSFS is the MS Store. This whole process seems convoluted and unnecessary. MSFS should update it’s self without having to go to a different application to perform a partial install.

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I agree with you, this whole process needs to be streamlined as it is all over the place.

Like I mentioned it worked fine for me before on Win 11 (upgraded in-place from Win10 to Win11 via windows update, Insider Platform), but last week I did a new fresh clean install from the Win 11 ISO on the Insiders website, and had to do a new clean install of MSFS2020 and then this is where the problem started.

But I can report that it seems to have been fixed today after making Zendesk report and this forum post.

MS Store
Version 22108.1401.11.0

W11 OS Build: 22000.176
Screenshot from MS Store showing MSFS is not there (it is in the xbox app, ever since the latest OS and MS Store updates)

Same here. Cannot install, stuck at 0%.

Anyone successfully install on W11? please share the step. Mine stuck at 0%.
W11 pro 22000.282


I am the original poster of the topic.
Well I got it installed via XBox app on Win11, as Win11 works differently to Windows10.
But it only installed after 24+ hours passed.
I just left it running overnight and when I returned the next day it installed or it was already installed.
Cannot remember exactly.

I went through this mess but it was on Windows 10. It installed fine on one PC but when I bought a new one it just keep installing the 1 GB file and says I already owned it. This was one of the most frustrating experience ever. I gave up after six hours and the next day uninstalled and reinstalled and waited a bit then suddenly the game loaded the normal menu and prompt me for the 120+ game install.

Yes - mine installed on the Win 11 release preview no issues at all.

From what I read here the various install issues are not Win 11 specific, but also seen on Win 10. There seem to be a wide variety of causes and solutions, but no general works every time fix.