Cannot launch into 3d with Valve Index through Steam

I would appreciate any help. When I try and launch MSFS 2000 through steam it comes up that it doesn’t see the headset. I have the Valve Index. It works fine with other. I previously had the HP Reverb and would launch with Ctrl tab. That does not work.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!


need a bit of the same help. Searched the forums. Have ran both the Steam VR beta and not. Am running Nvida 461.40 if that is the problem? have a 3090.

When I load MSFS and start a flight and hit ctrl tab I see the binocular image on my screen but it never launches in my HMD. The sim seems to freeze and lock. I did have it work once originally, and never since. I keep searching but havent had any luck. Can some one give me some pointers to troubleshoot

not sure if this helps, but when i switched from Reverb to Pimax i had to change the active runtime in SteamVR. Check in SteamVR: Settings->Developer settings. Active runtime has to be SteamVR and not “Windows Mixed Reality”

I have the same issue running SteamVR and a Vive. Worked great before the update. Also using 461.40 and a 3090. Did you find a solution ?

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