Cannot move cursor around easily in VR since new update

Anyone having this issue where the cursor barely moves and takes much more effort to get it around when playing in VR?

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yes i use oculus rift and since SU5 it gets stuck around the cockpit making it almost unusable!

I find it harder to land on a button and after clicking or reclicking on a button there is a delay now in many activations, e.g calling up VFR map in the toolbar menu or the MCDU accepting input.

Maybe would work (did for me) Move the mouse dongle or cable to an USB 2.0

I agree, there’s definitely a problem with the mouse since SU5. It’s not smooth :confused:

Hmm i had this last night but thought it was the battery running out so changed it over and it was smooth thereafter, I’ll keep an eye on it as if it happens again then it’s definitely an issue.

Well I have this issue with wired mouse plugged into USB2.0. Currently unusable!

Actually just plugged mouse into usb3 and now issue is solved?

I concur, it is intermittent and some sessions are fine, others are not.

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Yes. I have a difficulty moving the mouse around whether in lock mode or legacy mode. Also, I’ve flown three times in VR since this update and I CTD all three times. Very Frustrating. I’ve spent hours in VR flying around all kinds of places without a problem in VR before this update. Now I can’t even complete a flight!

Same problem here. Switching back to 2D and the mouse moves fine. Back in VR it stucks again. Sometimes after a while it moves smooth again in VR. Also the little patch two days ago didn’t changed it. Today I noticed while switching back to 2D that a steam status window was flickering and was stucked in the right bottom corner. But I don’t know if this is related to the problem.

I get a big doubled mouse pointer (one for each eye) in VR which does stay permanently in center of view. When moving the mouse it turns into a normal but sluggish working cursor and when I switch views to external and back to cockpit the doubled cursor is there again. Quite annoying and new with SU5.

I had the same problem. I have the following solution, which has not yet been fully tested: My Saitek Throttle Quadrant is / was the problem. I plug it into the USB 2.0 instead of the USB 3.0 and if that is not enough, I put it out and back in again. The mouse then ran as usual in the cockpit. I have to test it more often now.

Have the same problem too. Sometime mouse is unusable in VR, really anoying.

Same here as described above. Wired mouse so not battery issue. Also I’m experiencing no response when clicking on boxes such as Go Back and Resume after pausing using ESC. It eventually works but can take up to 10-20 secs to acknowledge a click. The mouse pointer seems to be larger than before and the ‘sweet spot’ not at the tip. Anyone else seeing this?

Ok wasn’t my batteries as this happened last night, it was on a second flight where also my Flaps have a mind of their own. So I’m back to restarting the whole Sim if i want to do a second flight, oh the joys!

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