Cannot play

Hello after 5 days of download it finally installed but like the waiting wasn’t enough now the game doesn’t work. There are no training mission available and the flight button on the world map doesn’t work. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Hi @Shaihulud82, and welcome to the forums. Sorry to see you’re having issues. Please check the Known Issues and also review this installation guide to see if any of this helps you sort out your problem.

Also a good idea to send an official report to Zendesk detailed your specific issues. Suggest you also attach a copy of your DxDiag.txt file to your report for the dev team’s reference. Select Win-Key+R, type “dxdiag” and hit Enter, select “Save all Information”, save the DxDiag.txt file to your Desktop, and then attach it to your Zendesk report. Thanks.