Cannot purchase items from marketplace


Every time I try and purchase an item on the marketplace I get “a transaction is pending” I have triple checked there is nothing pending. I have completely logged out of the sim and the Microsoft store and restarted the computer and sim and still the same issue.

I am trying to get the A320 Neo liveries North America pack.

Hello, there have been a number of topics on marketplace pending purchases:

Search results for ‘A transaction is pending’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The official way for support is via Zendesk. You may wish to open a support ticket for the team here. This can be done under the “I have an issue with the Marketplace” section.


How did you started MSFS, because I had this problem in the first days of MSFS Marketplace.
Since then I use the solution that works for me.

Start MSFS in normal mode, just click the icon, NOT right click and start as an Administrator.

What I understand is this is the only method for Xbox Gaming Services/ Microsoft Store to connect to your payment options and your FlightSim Credits. (secured when in Administrator mode)
Tell me if you succeed.