Cannot purchase Reno package

Just tried to purchase the Full Reno package but it immediately comes back with “RENO AIR RACES:FULL COLLECTION purchase failed”. I have checked both the MS Store and XBox App. Everything is set correctly and I purchased the Sim through the Store initially. I have tried rebooting and purchasing immediately but still no joy. Any ideas???

Check here✓&query=Purchase+failed

Thanks, but I already checked there ( and other posts in this forum) and nothing has helped unfortunately.

Gotcha, might want to submit a request on the same site I linked you to, and you should forward your issue to #bugs-and-issues

Same here on xbox, but I cant buy nothing else in the marketplace. All Buttons are greyed🤔

Uninstall and reinstall didnt lead to success either.

incredible… want to spend money and I cannot neither.
Says that the purchase is failed. I tried to open not as administrator, reset the computer. Nothing solve it. How can a big company as Microsoft have this issue (seems not the only one)? Why there is no way to purchase Reno from any website external to the sim? incredible…

quite a few people have bought it succesfully, so maybe the issue is at your end.

Quite a few people didn’t die this last 2 years about the pandemic… maybe the covid is an illusion…
Not saying that the issue can be mine… but when you see several people with the same problem …
For that help, better not reply. Thanks.

Incredible!! Don’t know who is the person that takes this decisions, but he should have a medal for them…
Everytime I install windows I remove the UAC permisions so never notify me because I hate that for the long history that has been in Microsoft windows. And you know what? That was the problem. I had to restore to notify me always (or the one below) to allow me to buy it. The problem was that it was not appearing the window to input my password of my microsoft account.
Why other vendors programs allow me without any issue? Why Microsoft don’t have to have 1 but 2 programs to play a game (microsoft store + xbox one)? why is so complicated to update MSFS, so we have to exit MSFS and go to Xbox app to allow the update in Microsoft Store?
Trully a great medal deserves the person that toke those decitions.
Please, for the god’s sake… fix that. Make life easier. Please…
(at the end was a “problem” in my system…) now I am going to set my UAC again where it was before. Bravo!