Cannot Reinstall MSFS on Win 11, wants to delete all apps due to MSFS Install Location!

Ok this is Crazy,

I have upgraded to Win 11 and loving it, super fast and bug free til now!

I went to reinstall MSFS on my Dedicated NVME for MSFS (F Drive).

The steps I took are this:

Went to the MS Store to reinstall MSFS and it says in the store to Go to the XBox App which I did.

I went to my library and it said what location, and ok chose F drive, it then said it was not setup to install to that location and do I want to set it up well of course I said yes.

It then went into Windows settings itself where I had to change to the F drive for installed Apps and it then said that I have to delete all of the installed Apps off C drive before I can Install MSFS.

Windows 11 isn’t out yet and will not likely be usable for years to come. You can’t seriously be this upset over a situation you created.

So you upgraded from Windows 10 (I assume) to Windows 11, correct?

Why did you reinstall MSFS? Was it a bug or what? In my instance when I upgraded to 11, all of my programs remained, including MSFS. Although Windows 11 hasn’t affected anything for me in a negative manner, it may for other users - especially considering it’s an insider build. Expect bugs.


I am also using MSFS2020 with WINDOWS 11 and I completely formated my M.2 1TB and I REDIRECTED the WHOLE INSTALLPROCESS into this drive.

So I have EVERTHING regarding this sim on my M.2.

What I am assuming on my setup is that the WU6 is still not correctly installed…

Which UPDATE from the CONTENT MANAGER / MARKETPLACE I need afterwards to install on my current MSFS2020 version ??

Thank you guys…