Cannot sign in to XBox Live (Solved)


When I start the sim I get the message ‘Lets get you signed into XBox Live’

There is a signin box which is supposed to be clicked, but when I click it nothing happens!! As a result the sim is totally unusable! The sim just locks up and I have to exit using ‘end task’.

Using the Steam Edition.

Can anybody help?

Thanks in anticipation.


I recommend to you every time for first login to XBOX and then if all is ok start sim.

Thanks for your reply OMICO4146!

I went to XBox Live with my browser and signed in, but same thing happens!

I still get asked by the sim to sign in, but when I click on sign in box still nothing happens! I just get a spinning circle at bottom right of screen.

Today I could not get live weather so I signed out. However when I tried to sign back in this happens. Now I cannot even run the sim at all.

Thank you so much for trying to help.

And you’re loged correctly to your XBOX account (sry to ask for sure)? You’re on black app XBOX with that many options and games?

If you’re in, I don’t see reason that sim asking to login for XBOX, maybe if you didn’t some changes with your account name, maybe. Maybe your previous session isn’t correctly closed (existing FS instance still living). Try completely log off from XBOX and restart (better OFF/ON) your PC. Then log to XBOX first and then start FS.

If the xbox app approach doesn’t work you could also check the integrity of your installation. Details on how to do this are found in the article:
(I am not recommending the removal option of the game in that article just yet as there may be other fixes.)

If the above doesn’t work then there may be another solution that worked for some steam users who were having difficulties getting past the blue loading bar into the game (and it may be a similar issue)
To solve their problem they went to:
control panel>user accounts>manage windows credentials and then removed all the ones that says Xbl

Reloading the game after doing this may fix the problem

Hi OMICO4146,

I have tried all you have suggested with no success. All seems well with my XBox Live account!

tamelian…thanks for your helpful post also!

I deleted all the credentials with Xbl but still same thing happens…

When the sim asks me to sign in to XBox live there is a sign in button…when I click it nothing happens! Steam verification shows everything is fine also.

I will maybe try reinstalling, but to be honest I am losing all patience with this software, and very much regret buying software like this which is so bugged!

Ill let you gents know the results of yet another reinstall.

I very much appreciate the kind help you have both offered.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend Gents!

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if you have all your app’s updated, win10 click search and type Xbox > Xbox Game Bar , make sure your online and not hidden…
If you haven’t updated it’s called Xbox Companion

start msfs2020…

should do the trick

Hi and thanks for your help!

I have downloaded and installed the Xbox Companion. I am signed in and yet when I start my now newly ‘Clean installed’ MSFS it still asks me to sign into Xbox and offers me a non functioning ‘Sign In’ box!

So I can start the sim, I can sign in to Xbox on the web, but still I cannot get this ‘sign in’ button within the sim to work!

I hope this software gets sorted soon as i am close to having spent 100 Hrs+ trying to get the thing to work!

I also note that I am not the only person having problems with this issue as there are other players apparently with a similar issue.

Many thanks again for your help.

Check your Xbox network status in windows 10.

Hi and thanks.

I have already done that. In the Xbox app I am signed in, my game shows with the option to play.

When I hit play the sim opens and says 'Lets get you signed into Xbox live (even though I am already signed in)!!! I am presented with a sign in clickbox which does’nt work!

Just mad that its taking so long to get this software sorted. This software should never have been released in this state! I have spent over 100 hours just trying to get it to run!

Thanks again for your help.

I was given the solution to my problem by a very helpful Steam member.

The solution is 'Press LAlt+Enter to enter windowed mode.

The click box then works and you can sign in!


Really I don’t understand to this strange solution…

Hi! Yes apparently the Xbox Live click box only works in windowed mode, not full screen!! Go figure lol!

I have wasted hours over this stupid fact!