Cannot spin the globe with mouse anymore

PC - controlled by an XBox controller, mouse and limited keyboard.

I used to find airports and plan my flights using the mouse to both rotate and zoom the Welcome screen globe. I have noticed that now the mouse can still zoom in but I have to use the controller to spin the globe into position. It is annoying and awkward to have to use both devices alternately to find airports.

I can’t find any mouse/controller commands that would get the mouse working again. Anyone know of a fix for this?

This is a know big in SU7.

Go back to your default mouse profile in the control options to correct.

Thanks. That works.

I don’t even see what I had assigned in the custom profiles that are different from the default.

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Glad it worked!

If you run the current SU7 beta there is another fix for use with custom controller profiles: assign ’ grab World Map’ action to whatever button used to work.

I would have thought being able to use custom Xbox controller profiles pretty essential?

Is there an expected date yet for the update that will incorporate all the beta changes?

They haven’t said. My guess would be mid January. So far the SU7beta has been nothing but positive for me.

That’s good news. With family coming in for Christmas (they love playing with my MSFS) I don’t want to mess with the program. Even with the known flaws, it is playable.
So, I hoped the update would be after New Years and I’ve avoided the beta.

You are safe - Asobo is on holiday now😉

Closing as OP has marked solution. There is also a duplicate discussion here and several topics:

Any communication will usually be posted in #community:news-and-announcements. No release date has been announced yet.