Cannot transfer settings and files from Windows Store to Steam Versions

I have been pulling my hair out over this. Ive never known anything but such a buggy mess and a chore.

First of all because of permissions in the windows app MSFS folder the input folder cannot be read or moved or copied or anyway leaving you stuck to setup your controller profiles again.

You cannot copy over settings files at all this cause the game to become unresponsive at the “Set your experience” screen or the download data screen. The only thing I could do was to reinstall again afresh to fix that.

You also cannot easily move the download data needed without a hassle. I must admit ive had to delete it to see if it caused my freezing screen issue to fix itself in which it didnt. But why are the folders completely different structures within the flight sim data folders under packages.

I only switched due to actually buying the prem deluxe version on steam rather than standard on XGP but ive lost the hype over this truly awful and buggy that should have never come out of beta this early.

Microsoft never make anything easy.