Cannot update or reinstall

On day one of SU5 started download- 4 days later after 175 GB downloaded- still updating. Tried various “fixes” no luck. decided to uninstall MSFS, which I did but cannot delete C:\appdata\local\packages,
gaming services will not install a fresh copy of MSFS 2020? get error Code: 0x80070424.yes have tried resetting and reinstall gaming services at wits end.
in lockdown and grounded…

Try this, it at least solved my not being able to load from ms store. I still am having looping problems wile trying to install.

I went through same problem couldnt update or reinstall. What I did was deleted c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\microsoft flight simulator You uncheck “read only” attribute from the folder microsoft flight simulator to delete it. I was able to reinstall after this and am now playing latest version Hope this helps.

Thanks tried several times no difference.

This gave me glimmer of hope but even unchecked,unable to delete,if I try to delete it wants to delete the entire appdata\roaming linked to many other different programs as well.