Can't access VR menu after update

It’s amazing that we still have not heard anything except “bug logged” from the devs. I have gone back to X-plane and the Zibo mod. I only fly VR and VR is so broken right now.

I was actually expecting a quick hotfix for the VR menu issue. That should in my view have been done within a few days from release. At the latest the following week. Especially considering the bug was in the release notes!


The Asobo Police canned your post too! LOL…Go ahead, make my day!


Still waiting to use my left click mouse. comon this cant be true?

Wow. I’m not having all these problems. I’m just flying along La__ La La La La La___La____.

No promises but checkout my process verbatim. I’m good in VR incl. toolbar access. I have one caveat though . . .if you use the KB to change views, you will lose connectivity to the VR toolbar. So I just redid my view in VR to avoid the KB. I’m ok for now. I got feedback from others saying they are good also.

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‘Thanks to Buford TX in post #81’ (13 days ago)

If you follow both ‘Buford’ and my posts from 13d & 6d ago respectively, you can fly the C208 and presumably all aircraft in MSFS2020 after SU7.

After pressing [Ctrl] + [0] and getting that crazy right window view, just correct it by clicking the center mouse wheel and then mousing the view back to the front. Then clicking the center mouse wheel again will lock it. Don’t try to save a new KB profile; it won’t let you activate the VR toolbar. Just stay in the default profile.

Can I go to bed now?? Geez!!


…also, any way to zoom in/out the VR external view after SU7, or still not as it would appear?


I’m not sure I understand. Are you asking about " . . . zoom in/out the VR external view" ?? the same way we zoom in/out the VR Internal view with the right_mouse button??

The Drone camera is far better for external viewing and it works perfectly for me after SU7.

If I understand you correctly, cockpit type zooming external views would be too gamey for my taste.

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I was referring to a way, with mouse wheel like in 2d mode, to zoom in/out once in VR external view (I mapped a stick button to go in and back from external view).

Since VR was introduced (I only fly VR, 2D has no more sense to me) I can pass to external view - without opening menu bar, the camera, then clicking) but never been abel to zoom in/out once there, only rotate with mouse right btn kept pressed…

Any method to achieve VR external view zoom?

Thanks again

Not that I have found…

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I’ve been looking for that solution as well.
To my earlier post…only way to remove pilot in VR is to do it in 2d mode first…unless someone else has a solution.

December 2nd, 2021 Development Update…
Glad to read all concerns regarding VR issues post SU7 are soon to be fixed.

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I presume you are already aware of the ability to zoom in/out inside the cockpit in VR but not with the mouse wheel. Instead, such zooming is bound to my [ right mouse click ] on my rig. I use it to see certain glarshield instruments. I also have created custom camera views that get me up close and personal with all panels. Therefore I don’t miss the mouse wheel thingy at all.

Regarding 2D mode, I still like it for commercial airliners because:

  1. I’m using a 50" UHD curved Smart TV when outside VR. Visual are far better than any current VR headset.
  2. The Rift S is a heavy sucker and I get nose bridge fatigue after about 15 min. so I revert to 2d mode until TOD or some times closer. I always land in VR mode.

I’ve been tinkering with developing what I currently call “One Swell Foop”. Because of sim_formation overload for my pea-brain, it’s getting increasingly difficult to manage all that information. “OSF” is a flight deck workflow tool for organizing all things related to completing a complete flight. No more ‘sea of icons’ all over my desktop. I’m interacting with OSF constantly and its not available in VR . . .yet. In addition to organization, it has some incredible functions that supports all phases of flight simuation and puts everything I need just one click away.

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Sure I’m aware of zooming possibility inside VR cockpit. But a pity it’s (still?) not possible in VR external view, at least using the mouse, as far as I know…


Not convinced it will be fixed this year since they first have to test it in beta before releasing it to main stream. lol ~ not at all sure how we ended up broken in the first place if things are tested in beta… must have missed this one?

Fixed in the beta update…

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Yes, but there is another new bug that has been introduced with the mouse/toolbar menu fix…when toolbar is open it impacts other controls from functioning (throttle, rudder, etc)…see the details in the thread dedicated to this fix from the Public Beta here:

Is there a way for Steam-Users to get to this Beta Update too??

unfortunately not


Well, no big surprise there… guess I´ll wait another year until I give MSFS another shot.

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