Can't Build Scenery Package

It seems after the last update10 I add objects to an airport then save. Re-open the airport when finished no objects saved and it will not build a package for the community folder. What happened ??

(I have created dozens of airports never this problem)

is it actually building the package and showing the console window in sim to say it has built?
Any errors?
Have you got controlled folder access turned on in your windows security settings? this can block folders from being written to.

It usually asks for a folder to save objects, polys,etc. as you can see I have set an asset path and folder ,when I reopen the project ,no objects. and the file I assign is gone.

those asset and output paths look fine. so don’t think thats an issue.
What does it show in the project editor pop out box in sim?

I think I got it to save objects now. I really appreciate your interest in trying to help me figure this out. What would be awesome is if you know anything about ADE airport design editor.

afraid not buddy have always done it with the in sim editor. Can’t remember the address but sure their is a website dedicated to ADE.