Can't buy from the marketplace (Steam)

Trying to buy the Aerosoft CRJ…

Click “Buy & Download”.

And it just sits there… Never actually letting me buy the plane…

Steam or MS-Store ?

=> in case of Steam: ensure that the steam overlay is enabled.

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Eugh, I have it disabled as I find performance marginally better and the sim is more stable without it…

Bit of a pain I have to enable it just to buy something :neutral_face:

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I done same , per default I set overlay off, and I run into same issue at my first purchase … so, you are not alone :rofl:

For MSFS it is on now since months, and there is no issue with that. So no worry :slight_smile:

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Hi @solarisfireball,
I’ve added “Steam” to your topic title for others - if they have the same issue.
I’ll close your post as solved but leave it listed.
Thank you!

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Closing as solution provided.