Can't Change Profiles with Honeycomb Bravo

Why can’t I change Profiles while in flight on the Honeycomb Bravo, It won’t let me get out of it’s default profile? Help

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Works here. But I deleted and rebuilt all my (9) profiles

Just to clarify,

You mean change to a profile that you have built and saved outside of the default correct? Not just simply change some settings on the fly in the default (which would require saving to a new profile).

Yes, it won’t switch to a saved profile, it stays in default. I’m erasing the profiles, other than default, and setting up a new one to see if that helps. Thanks

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I re=did the profiles and it’s seem to be working. Thanks for the help, MSFS is really frustrating sometimes, I almost just passed on the whole thing and got Xplane!

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Glad you got it working!

Funny you mention the latter, I was just looking into it today, not for any other reason than just to diversify and try other options.

Yeah I’ve been watching comparison videos on YouTube and MSFS usually wins, except for the fact they have so many issues that don’t get fixed or if they fix one thing they break three others.

I honestly don’t have enough MSFS experience (only had it for about a month) and have nothing to compare to.

From what I’ve read / watched / heard MSFS in current state is the VFR dream and other options while less VFR pleasing on the eyes offer more realism in other aspects. So I see an area where owning both would be beneficial.

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