Can't change weather after loading save

Yesterday, I began a long cross-country flight. All was working beautifully until the cockpit stopped responding to all input. All gauges froze (was in 172 Steamgauge) and I was unable to flip any switches or turn knobs. It appeared to just be the graphical as I was able to maniputate control surfaces and engine power. Anyway, I figured it was a glitch, so I saved so I could reload the flight and go about my way. When I did, all the weather switched to clear sky, and the weather icon was missing from the toolbar. Reloading the sim again, got the same results. Starting a new flight, I was able to change the weather or load live weather without a problem. Something appears to be broken with the saves, or else I’m doing something wrong. Please advise.

Otherwise, long multi-step trips are out of the question .

Known issue, weather can’t be changed when loading a save file.

Known before release? Seems like the kind of thing I would call game breaking. Hope it get fixed soon.

Don’t know if known since before release, it’s known as in multiple people complained about this issue already and this was reported already, I assume the Devs will release a patch sooner or later and one of the fixes will be this weather issue with the save files.