Cant click buttons in any plane only left side of my screen

and can click no buttons left side of my screen but right side all are working.- restarting the sim fix this. its not every time. dont know how to reproduce. (man when this alpha is over and i can fly without bugs, this will be great)

Wait i think its only when i open atc window…i can close it but the whole left buttons i cant press with my mouse then

Do you use the Navigraph Ingame panel?

Because whenever I open that panel and close it again I can not leftclick anything that was behind the window.

Workaround for me is either minimizing the window or leave it open popped outside on another monitor.

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yep i do…and it was on the left side

there is a thread in the navigraph forums.


there is an update (Version 0.8) in the installer that fixes the problem


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