Can't disable autorudder - turns are coordinated without manual rudder input

Later on I will take a look using the Airfoillabs 172 for XP.

Can you verify this, bc on MSFS - Modern flight model has no adverse yaw | Page 2 | FSDeveloper they are saying it isn’t?

I’d be interested to see if the upcoming SU VI FM fixes, which include adverse yaw, will fix this.

“Alongside changes to the visuals, the flight model has been improved considerably for aerobatic aircraft, which includes snap maneuvering and wake turbulence. Obviously, this is being done in preparation for the Reno Air Racing DLC that’s coming later this year. Aircraft developers will also be able to adjust ground effect behaviour, lift forces and adverse yaw.”

I don’t understand. The OP wrote that there isn’t any adverse yaw, I replied that it is simulated and he confirmed it is simulated in his reply.

Btw. I’m pretty sure that this has nothing to do with the Reno Airraces DLC, because none of the included aircraft would be affected by this bug.

I misinterpreted that post. The OP was saying it isn’t, but others say it is - like you did.

It does seem to be in currently, but weakly implemented. Also you can’t modify it on a per aircraft basis.
This is what SU VI looks to address with it’s adverse yaw addition/fix it looks like.
Whether it correctly models it is another thing altogether!

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Seems button presses for auto R on or off … are placeholders.

There is no option in Accessibilty for this … only Rydder on takeoff run.

The auto rudder is deffo automatically applied by the sim.

My ball stays right in the middle.

Coordination of turns is different to yaw as well. Keep the distinction clear or we get confused.

My Arrow 4 turbo definitely yaws to left. It has a rudder trim and needs it. Again… very different to coordinated turns. But again… annoying that Asobo have not got the centre or reset rudder trim working.

The entire rudder system is yuk.

We need a simple rudder coordination ON or OFF, as in P3D and FSX.

It will all be made more complex when airliners from PMDG come along with steering tillers… OMG, what a hot mess.

…and what about aircraft where tiller is used up to 70 knots on rollout and then the rudder has authority ?

Oh dear. It can only get better.

Meanwhile Asobo bring us more POIs … what a joy.

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Thank heavens we can retask all of those graphic designers and GIS engineers to immediately start work on the core sim flight dynamics! What shade of mauve do you want your turn-slip indicator to be…?

What on earth are you talking about?
On which aircraft is the tiller used at such high speeds?
And what has rudder authority to do with it?

SU6 promise.

So any update ?

Give this a read.

What am I talking about ? Lol.

You are all confusing prop induced yaw with aileron induced yaw.

The former IS modelled and needs rudder TRIM to control it. The degree of yaw depends on the way the aircraft is designed and how much the dev has programmed into the air model.

The latter… coordinated turns, DO need rudder input. It has NOTHING to do with props. Even jets need it. And this has NOT been implemented in MSFS. In other words the rudder is not needed for CTs and it cannot be changed… currently.

A yaw damper usually does it as part of the autopilot system, even if the AP is switched off. But you cannot have the YD OFF, with AP ON.

FBW jets usually do it automatically.

However… some aircraft that purport to have a YD… do not implement them properly. Ask a Dash 8 pilot !

So… MSFS apoears to have implemented a pseudo FBW system for coordinated turns. A type of pseudo yaw damper… which is really quite sad.

Side slipping when doing a crosswind landing, are possible as it will override the yaw damping effect.

So… ‘Troll’ over. Which is ironic given the above info is the only account that actually explains correctly what is happening.

BTW … The lack of movement in the rudder “visually” when doing a turn, is deliberate so you don’t think " why is the rudder moving when I haven’t touched it !?".

…secondly, if you see the ball move around a bit after hard sudden deflections, it’s simply because there is a lag between input… pseudo YD kicking in… and re-centering of the TC ball.

The auto rudder on the ground is simply confusing the issues as some 3rd party addons have deliberate yaw in place, rudder/differential braking requirements for taxiing and roll out etc. So, auto rudder on take off should be disabled or the 2 systems will fight each other.

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