Cant Display Desktop in While In VR

Since the last update I am no longer able to get the desktop to display while in VR. I go into the VR home page and select the desktop icon, a window opens that is labeled Desktop, but, there is a quarter moon with zzzs displayed in the middle of the window. I assume this is to indicate the Desktop is sleeping??? Anyway, I have uninstall and reinstall WMR/OpenXR; change from using OpenXR to using SteamXR, get the same thing. I can display File Explorer, Calendar, and, various other files. I get the same issue when I try to open Vpilot app as well.

I am using an HP G2 HMD,

My computer and graphics drivers are up to date. Flight sim works fine, just can’t display much for the “Follow Me” function.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


So…no others are having this issue? Hmmm, oh well so much for help from the forum.

Try the option to move control between desktop and the headset, Control-Y if I remember correctly.

Thanks for the reply. Tried that several times. Odd, nothing works to get a “follow me” window into the VR cockpit.

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