Can't download Deluxe/Premium content

Alright, so I’m in a country where MSFS wasn’t sold at all either through Steam or MS (China)

Getting this game in the first place has been an absolute ride, I ended up getting a friend to gift to my original UK MS account via Hong Kong and bank transfer to him and then it allowed me to redeem the code on the MS Store and start the download… or so I thought…

It will only allow me to have the base game, the deluxe and premium deluxe expansions are saying “Flight Simulator Deluxe does not work on this device”

Is this due to the gifting? Or something else? A bit annoying because I’ve had to pay my friend for everything and now I seem to not be able to download the expansions I paid for.

Base game is currently installing, so if it was due to the gifting/country stuff I’d expect that to not work. My computer is more than fast enough (i9,2080 Super,32GB RAM)

I would expect to be able to install the add ins from the in game menu.

I’ll give that a go once the base game is downloaded, cheers!

All additional content is in the Content Manager within MSFS. Deluxe, Premium, Challenges, Airports, Lessons, etc. Can choose what you want or take them all! :wink:

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