Can't download World Update USA Point of Interest in Content Manager

It’s been torture trying to download this last update, after 2 days of using different VPNS to try and get this thing to go, I can’t download the US package it’s either too slow, or it fails.

Last time it was around 500MB after like 2 hours and I got a BSOD!

I really really don’t get it. The Japan one went smooth I thought these download problems where fixed.

I’ve already tried the fixes I saw on zendesk also a guy that talked about cleaning the windows registry and nothing has helped so far.

Any ideas?


I had this too, turned off bing, emptied the cache and kept hitting download, got there 30 mins ago finally!

Haven’t tried turning off Bing will give it a go.

The download keeps freezing and failing for me too, I’ve gotten as far as 300MB left.

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Sadly it didn’t work.

I tried something between 20 - 30 times to get it. As more and more of the download is cached each time I think persistence overcame.

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Mine doesn’t seem to keep any cache. It starts from zero.

I have had the same problem. The solution was Net Limiter 4, set to only 300 KB/second… It was downloaded successfully with no further failed attempts.

Yeah I tried it for the looping installation problem didn’t work for me maybe I set it at too high speed who knows. Now the trial is over and I really don’t feel inclined to purchase software just to make a $120 sim work. It’s not the way things should be for us.

i have the same problem, just that its not only that package but 4 or 5 of em. Every time theres is any update its the same story for me. It really starts to get annoying. Over 40 mins now im trying to make the content update work.

I dont really understand it anyway… First the sim has to be update via store. Then again at start of game. And then one has to manually go through dozens of addons, that all cant be downloaded.

Really, then better the p3d way where one basically has to reinstall every update via installer… But this here is a joke.

I’m missing several packages as well not just this one :confused:

yeah. I guess im gonna quit my subscription… im not lying when i say ive spent at least 150+ hours troubleshooting this sim. Im used to a lot from the other sims but at least usually im able to fix a problem there after x amount of time spent. This here is a whole other beast… From day 1 i joined insider until this day i have exactly the same bugs and no one seems to care. They cant even answer tickets here. Doesnt deserve my money, sorry.

I hear you, I stay because I really like the sim but it’s the most frustrating piece of software I’ve ever bumped into.

And also guys if you are having this issue don’t forget to vote it up to get some exposure.

After multiple attempts, wasting dozens of hours, I managed to download and install all the necessary software items. At some point, I deliberately limited my download speed down to 100 KB/s in order to avoid “package fails” error messages and even then, it took me 3 attempts before the final airport was installed! Without that element, the East Coast US Tour would not even launch! That means my Decathlon achievement cannot make any progress too. It makes no sense why wireless connections have problems while cable connections do not result in looping files, according to some reports. Some of us have no access to cable ethernet connections and can only access Wifi or satellite internet.

That’s my exact problem and I still can’t download it :frowning: It’s so frustrating.

I had issues and my PC is connected to the router by Cat 5 cable and the router is connected to fibre, no WiFi involved.

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I suspected so. It’s like when you call the cable/isp company and they always blame your router.

Just when I thought my problems were over… 3/4 Bush Trip count became 3/12. It looks like the Alaska bush trip counts for 9! LOL Of course, I completed 7 out of 12 legs already but still… ???

Another full day another day where I can’t download that point of interests USA package. So tiresome.

have you find a way to download it since 1 month ? because i have the problem and i can’t find any solution.