Can't even launch MSFS since august 2021

Today just after a new “repair” and “reinitialize” in Windows 10 => Applications and functionality => Gaming services, MSFS worked again for me too…

Peigne, don’t know if you have your problem fixed
or not,I had a similar problem before,I had to delete
msfs and reinstall it .Matter in fact ,I’ve done this 3 times before,but haven’t had to do this again,so far
Good luck ,hope you get it fixed

Hello there,

I´m having the same issue, but my major problem is that no matter how much times I uninstall it, when I download it again, it downloads an oldier version (, not latest version!! This is anoying. Couldn´t play MSFS since 5 Sept 2021.

Thanks God, I finally get the update. It´s quite strange but this is what I did:

  • Went to MS Store, search Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Clicked on this exactly title: Microsoft Flight Simulator: Standard Edition. It says that costs €69.99 via XBOX app.
  • Scrolled down to here (Screenshot - f4f48db72aaa9a6ab769b93b7a259625 - Gyazo), clicked on Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Pressed RIGHT click on play, and update appeared.

Hope this helps!

AMEN BROTHER,I wonder if you have been trying to start sim up with or without internet connection.
My sim will lock me out after a while if it cant check for updates,and as you know to do that you
have to have internet connection on,mine ask me the other day if i wanted to continue without internet
connection ,I clicked yes and a day later I had to shut my sim up again with connection on.I hope this will help out,GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALWAYS, ps. let me know THANKS

And another thing that bugs me is ,you know everybody does not have unlimited data for internet,and I dont,If I dont download right then ,it locks me out until I get it instatted.I have to drive 30 miles to a friends house to get it installed WE dont have a choice ,we have to install it or we are shut down,I dont know if they are trying to see what we ar doing or notGOOD LUCK BUDDY

Hi Corcky37, thanks for your post. Yes, I had the problem fixed but had to reinstall the whole thing (including Windows!!!) but luckily I had backups so it has not been so long (a few hours though for MSFS).
I would strongly recommend (not sure they read me!) that MS improved their internal testing process before releasing features like this Xbox thing…
Thanks again for asking

I’m glad you got it fixed,Goodluck and best wishes
for you,and happy flying,corcky37,ps I think I’m going to reinstall mine to

I too had the same issue for 2-3 days. In the past I had to un-install MSFS / Re-install, a 7 hour ordeal. I had tried everything on the web, looked at all the Microsoft support site (useless), so tried Jhkayakr1, suggestion with a few modifications. Here’s what I did to resolve this condition >

  1. First verify your on the right account in MS Store - I have 2 but, wasn’t the issue.
  2. Install Xbox for PC from MS Store if not already done.
  3. Sign in with same account as MS Store
  4. Under Accounts Icon upper right, click goto settings> click “View Order History”, this will take you to your web MS account page - sign out, then sign back in. If your have a profile icon, make sure that appears instead of a generic icon. I say this because I use an icon, but was showing the generic blk/wht icon. I’m guessing doing this refreshes your account.
  5. Close Xbox
  6. Launch MS Store, goto upper right “3 dot” > My Library > Downloads and Updates, verify MSFS is on the list , then click Update button upper right.

In my case, the download started for the new update. Thanks to Jhkayakr1 for the idea path, and to the rest of the forum, if your lucky enough to not have the issue, you’ve dodged the bullet, for those not so fortunate, hope this is of some help.

One side note, the option to completely reinstall MSFS vs. update is minimal, as the update is nearly 450G!

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Thank you this worked perfect