Can't find download file to install FS2020

I bought FS2020 and installed it on my boot drive. After installation I realized that my boot drive is very low on storage capacity now, and then un-installed FS2020, to reinstall it on a different SSD drive.

But I can’t find the download file on my Microsoft account. Does anyone know where the download file or
program launcher is to re-install my FS2020. :hot_face:

Are you able to install it from the store page?

Use the move function in the settings then apps

Hello guys. I can’t move something I uninstalled. The first time I bought the pruduct Microsoft automatically installed a program launcher on my Windows desk. After starting the launcher the program installed on my boot drive (as a default). So I need that launcher again…but where do you get it?

I found the solution. You have to goto the Microsoft Store and re-buy the product. Then it says, that you already own the product, and may install it again!

It was the intuition of a Microsoft tech employee that we found this solution. Nobody with a normal mind what have found this!

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