Can't find my DC-6 (Xbox)

I purchased the DC-6 from the marketplace when it came out.
After it was retired it was still available as one of the planes I could fly.
I realized today, it’s no longer in the planes I can fly, nor I can download it from the marketplace.

I wanted to give it a try on the SU8 beta.

How can I get my plane back?
Why has it disappeared? Maybe because I have reinstalled the game?Thanks for your help.

That’s exactly why - a reinstall will cause you to lose access to anything that’s not currently available in the marketplace.

You can either apply for a refund (I assume they’re still offering them), or wait until such time it’s fixed, but goodness only knows when that will be.

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Look here.

[10DEC21] Important Announcement for PMDG DC-6 MSFS XBox Customers - PMDG Simulations