Can't fly any airplane in msfs2020 anymore

Since yesterday I can’t fly any airplane anymore because All the planes are going there own way and doesn’t react to my throttle anymore. At the moment I want to taxi to the rwy the throttle goes full power and I can’t do anyting about is. In case that the plane is flying on auto pilot all of a sudden the throttle goes idle and the plany is not following the instructions anymore given by the auto pilot.
What can I do to solve this problem and enjoy fliying again. Thanks in advance for your reactions.

Try resetting and/or disconnecting your controls like joystick, controller etc. to see if one of them causes wrong throttle input.

Ok will try that. You hear from me if it is working or not working.

@Coppersens. I have disconnected the controls en reconnected and it seems that the situation is better now. But what I see at this moment is that the plane is hanging over left. Have checked if there was any unbalance in the fuel but in both wings are 50% fuel so that can not be the problem. Have you any suggestions for this? Will also test my favorite plane namely the Cessna Citation Longitude. This plan had the habbit to go in reverse on the rwy while landing and going backwards over the whole airport. Keep you informed.

To give some more information. The plane is flying unstable and is constant moving which I hadn’t before. What that is I don’t know but it looks a little bit strange. As soon as I disconnect the auto pilot the plane goes down like crazy. Normal I suspect that the plane will fly right in the direction when it left the auto pilot mode. It seems that the whole system is unstable. I don’t know exactly what happened but one way or the other it will finally be solved I hope.

The problem still exist. At the moment I disconnect the auto pilot and reconnect it it will not follow the settings of the auto pilot.

Am flying the Cessna Citation Longitude now but the same problems. Foying is unstable, hanging over the left side too and is partly following the auto pilot. In other words, in this situation I can’t participate in groupflights because of this conditions I have to manage. I hope there is a solution for this. I have installed msfs2020 for the second time because I had to reinstall windows 10. The first time I installed msfs2020 I had no problems at all. That is so strange. But anyway, I hope for a solution.

Just before disconnecting AP go out side the aircraft and tell me what the elevators are doing. Are they pointing down?

Have not checked that part. will come back when checked.

Make sure your flight model is set to Modern.

Have tried it but I according to mee the elevators are doing nothing. Now the plane was floying on auto pilot and suddenly it went crazy and was totally uncontrolable. Had to stop the flight before the plane crashed…
@Boston-Jeremy77: Flight model was set to Legacy. Have it now set to Modern. See what happens next. Will try again. Will be back soon.

That’s your problem. Never use legacy flight model


PROBLEM SOLVED. Thanks guys for helping me out of this problem. I don’t know how to thank you all who reacted on my problem. Tks and I hope to fly my first groupflight tonight.