Can't get a good flight plan in the CJ4

I’m trying to get a good flight plan for the CJ4 (working title) from KABQ to KPHX departing RWY 21 and arriving ILS RWY 26. I’ve made good flight plans in LNM, SimBrief and the world map. But when I load them to the FMC they are unflyable; looping back and forth from waypoint to waypoint. While this is my latest flight plan attempt, I believe this would happen for other routes. After taking time to edit the flight plan in the FMC I’ve run out of flying time and turn the computer off. Very frustrating. Has anyone suggestions for fixing this or a way to speed up editing the plan in the FMC?


Just to check, are you deleting the discontinuitys in the flightplan? If you have them, usually from cruise to start of approach it wont fly the next waypoint. Also use the flightplan view, and go through eachwaypoint one by one to check that they make sense and the flightplan seems logical…

This video is great ref 19min 20 second mark- MSFS 2020 | TUTORIAL: How to fly the Working Title Cessna Citation CJ4 | Complete Lesson - YouTube

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Thank you for your reply. I’ve viewed that video several times and found it extremely valuable. I’ve got the steps from importing a plan to the FMC to making it flyable down pretty well. (Sometimes takes a long time to get flying.) It’s just this time the plan extended each leg. I’ll keep trying. I think this will be improved when ASOBO fixes the flight plans tendency to loop back to the beginning of the STAR when reaching the destination.