Can't Get into General Discussion New Category

When I click on New I just get a spinning circle. Can only get in by clicking on General Discussion.

What browser is running and what device are you using?

Win 11 both Edge and Google

And you are having trouble creating a new topic in the General Discussion category, correct?

As long as I click on General Discussion everythings fine only when I click on the sub category New I can’t get in.

Let me try and reproduce real quick

Tried to reproduce on my PC using Chrome and my New Topic list opened in less than 2 seconds.

Have you restarted your PC and ensured this is not an issue on your end?

Here is what I see and my performance:

When I click on “General Discussions” all I get is a rotating circle that never gets to the page.

Yes mine used to. This just started Yesterday (last night)

It is working as it should for me - no matter how I go about getting to General Discussion. Could be a hiccup along the way from your ISP.

I’m not seeing other reports on it at this time but we’ll monitor it. :slight_smile:

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