Can't get past "Hit any key . . . "

I recently installed 2020 MFS and now I have a problem loading it. It gives me the “Press any key to continue” and just repeats this. I can’t get into the game! I recently changed my PC name if that matters. I also created a new cache under “general”

You know it’s this specific key right? :wink:Anykey

A few days ago I had once the “Press any key to continue” repeating himself just after clicking on it…

Just before that, I remember I added a file (a livery pack) in the Community folder so I go back in the folder and I see there is a “space” in the folder’s name.

For example it was written something like “liveries e330” instead of “liveries-e330” (no space).

After having made the change I restarted the game and it was ok.

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Please check out this post, known issues, for more help with this.

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There is a huge topic now with people with the same issue and nobody found a concrete solution. Some people manage to solve, but the majority don’t: Crash to desktop without error message

I went to reinstall flight simulator and when it came up, it wanted me to insert the first CD!!!

I launched it with “run as administrator” and it went out and found the 95 gb update. After the reinstall of MFS it worked fine. It did keep all of my changes I made to the settings something I thought would have been erased. I don’t like software that keeps all of your presets and settings after you told it to uninstall the software.

This issue has started showing up for me too. The only thing i have changed in the game, was to add more atc traffic. I had one more flight that had some visual lagging, that i didn’t before, but im running with i7-9750H core, 16GB RAM, on windows 10, with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti card. It shouldn’t lag that much.

I have restarted my computer, reinstalled the game. I just see this as a waste of money that the game was working just fine, then i cant even get into the game. I even purchased a flight control stick and throttle quadrant (as hard as those are to find right now.)

If anyone has leads, please let me know.

You probably have an issue with the Xbox website. Make sure your account is working and log into it before you launch Fiight sim. It worked for me.