Can't get past loading screen


I have been having alot of issues with trying to get MSFS running on my pc, It took me 3 days to finally get the game to download and now when i boot the game up it gets past the update check and then goes to the loading screen in which it goes black with the loading bar, the game loading bar works all the way to the end and then it just stops and won’t go past that point,

I have tried all sorts of stuff that i have found across the internet from audio to making sure everything is up to date and i don’t know where to go from here apart from trying to get a refund

Update after finally getting the game downloaded its now having to re-download the whole game all over again when i haven’t deleted the game or changed any settings

HI I have exactly the same problem since early january when they have introduced the XBox live. Before i.e from launch date up to january everything was ok.
I have reported 3 times now and the last report to Zendesk very recently after the launch of the UK/Ireland update. Each time I have re installed the sim I could fly 4/5 times without any problem and then back to this balck screen during sim opening phase. (Of course just like you I have done all suggested tricks received in their automatic email answer without any improvement).
So far Zendesk has been unable to come back with any solution. (I even wonder if they are really trying or able to find something out). I’m pretty convinced that all this mess is linked to the XBox live system but can’t explain why of course.
The 2 first times I have made a full re installation. This time I did not and I’m waiting for them to come back with a solution. So far I received nothing and cannot use the sim for a week now.
Really fed up with all this mess and really considering to claim for a refund although this sim is a wonder when it works.
Was also expecting to fly the Aerosoft CRJ soon as she will be quite close to a very high level aircraft (Almost PMDG quality as far as I could see) but why invest any further if nothing works.
Microsoft is also spoiling all the hard work of the dev companies. What a pity.

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the issue template exist for a special reason , why not use it ?!

Thus, please add at least :

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

I am only new to this forum and still working my way around how its laid out.
Pc Specs
I7 6700k, 16gb ram, asus rog 1070gtx oc . Windows and graphics are up to date with latest driver

Currently still downloading game, going to let it download over night and see if this resolves it or not

no problem about new ( welcome ) … but allways wonder why users remove the issue template :slight_smile:

But okay…

The game is a big memory consument and users with <32GIG RAM needs often check here windows virtual memory setting.

You need at least overall memory 32GIG and thus recommendation is in meanwhile a manual pagefile setting like:
minimum 4GIG
maximum 20GIG ( at least, better 25 ).

You can also set minimum and maximum as same to ensure the memory is realy available.

If this not helps, please also check your anti-virus tool. Recommendation is: add the MSFS folders (install and data) into the exclusion list. ( which av-protection tool you have ? )

PS.: and not re-install again and again. Its only one: waste of your time :slight_smile:

EDIT: and I forget the BIG issue for users which install MSFS at first time

=> Dont forget to install the EN Lang Pack ( United States ). Not necessary to change default lang, only the installed Lang Pck is necessary.

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Most of your sim settings are kept “in the cloud”, and are restored when you reinstall.
Reinstall probably wont solve any issues.
I would set your Vram page file as suggested by MichaMMA.
That is a known issue with 16GB ram.
I know, I have that amount as well.

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I will check the virtual memory after the install is done

I have no idea how or why it done it but as i was trying to figure out why the game wouldn’t load changing settings and making sure everything was up to date and the next time i loaded the game it prompted me to download the game from scratch again and i hope it doesnt happen again!

I use norton 360 for my virus will double check but i think it is in the exclusion list

Thanks for your assistance


ähmmm. you have Stream ?.. don’t click on “verify files” :slight_smile:

Otherwise… hmmmm :thinking:

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yes it is steam, now it makes sense why ive had to re-download… argh :man_facepalming:

Thanks everyone for the help, the game is now working

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What was the “fix”?

As for myself have done all recommended actions shown in Zendesk automatic emails (Including all what you’re pointing out).

WIth respect to my PC I9 10900 K CPU 3,7 Ghz Ram 64 GB NVidia 280 super all brand new.

I got it from the very first day and I had no problem until they started X-Box live system. Bought it from the store and it was ok.

one of virtual memory | re-install | norton ( I think first one :laughing: )

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