Can't get yoke to centre with joystick

Hi, I’ve come back to flight sim after a long break.
I have an old thrustmaster joystick. Works OK in Xplanes. The calibration is OK with windows 10. When I manually set it up in 2020 the program yoke will not re senter with the joystick i.e when I turn the joystick left the yoke will turn left but resenter the joystick and yoke stays hard left until you move the joystick right then resenter the joystick and the yoke stays hard right. Same with pitch.
I’m sure this is probably a school boy error on my part but if anyone can point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it.
Thanks, Steve.

I have the same issue. The calibration shows I have full motion, but back in the cockpit, you see the yoke only move full left and very little to right when I move it that way. Older joystick but you’d think if calibration shows full motion, it should work?

I have the same problem! Has also observed that this phenomenon occurs only when the aircraft is on the ground. Once up in the air, the yoke is centered! Strange!