Cant install Flight Simulator from microsoft store to M2 Nvme SSD

I recently purchased Adata 8200 pro SSD 1 TB M2nvme disk which i installed, and checked that SSD is visible both in BIOS and in windows explorer and disk managment…But when i try through Microsoft store to install game to that SSD, microsoft store doesn’t detect it, and also storage sense also doesn’t …
Disk is visible and usable in windows explorer…Does anybody has any info how to fix this?

I have AMD rzyen3600, and Asrock x570, and latest Win10 pro…

If you have installed the MSFS2020 on c:\ ?
-add remove programs
look for the flightsimulatorapp
-press not “deinstall” but select/press" move"
-then select your 1TB SSD … and ENTER


I select move, but my M2 nvme disk is not in the list…

"NVME shared Port SATA " common Problem?

maybe this thread ?