Can't install mfs20

in the installation tool, the download bar is in a loop, i’ve restarted it tens of times and followed the microsoft known errors advices but still no change. Since world update 6 i haven’t been able to play. This is a huge insult from microsoft what the hell are you doing? This “game” is catastrophic and this is not acceptable as a paying customer. You launched the game 1 year ago and we still cannot even install the game properly. Instead of focusing on adding new things please focus on making the existing stuff work.

On the other hand I, and many others, have had no problem at all.

I wonder where the fault and problem lie.

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the game had been running perfectly fine from release date in 2020 until last week

same here, I try to start the game, there is an Update (127 GB) and it keeps reloading after 70 mb download. it just stays in a loop

I have the exact same issue - I thought it was on my end and made the mistake to perform an uninstall (as this is, unfortunately the only fix for 95% of ALL the issues I had with this… software).

Now after a full uninstall it does not even download the first package of the 131GB. This is a problem on the MS servers and will hopefully be fixed once someone picks this up.

Don’t be like me and perform an uninstall. :slight_smile:

And I bet you’re all on Steam … This is exactly why I canned them and went with the store instead

nope i bought the game on the microsoft store, NOT steam

Have you tried updating the store itself and then restarting your PC? … that usually works

I have the same issue… also made the mistake to reinstall now download gets in a loop after 3 files… (i do have the steam version)

i’ve tried absolutely everything

i have exactly same issues. Downloading from steam but proceeds to some percentage and starts all over again. Web installer is not working…

Users in discord too have been reporting an issue with downloads looping / stopping in both marketplace and during installation, and it seems to be a server-side issue. Hopefully it’s fixed soon. Both platforms are affected it seems.

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I’ve been having the same issue; mows it has been compounded as I just received notification from xfinity ( Comcast) that I’ve consumed 100% of my data for the month.

This has become ridiculous.

Your not the only one, same for me too now, I had to do a complete uninstall due to another issue and now stuck in down load loop stuck on asobo-flight-tutorials-attitudestest-0.1.4.fspatch.

I don’t even the want the tutorials.

Having to do this in the first place because of the other issue is bad enough but now this, kind of starting to loose a little hope with this now. Over a year in and we have not even even got a reliable installation process :confounded:

Luckily to date I have not had to suffer this but have kept up to date with the forums and read the many horror stories from people who have and now beginning to understand the frustration and angst that is out there.

Oh well back to another ZenDesk Ticket I guess., maybe get back in the air in a couple of days, weeks, months who knows, it’s not as if you ever get any type of response from the desk.


exactly, i’m even wondering if they read those zendesk tickets…

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Make sure all have the XBOx updates, and software. Even on PC, it’s got to be there for some reason, update should work after that, at least give that a try.

There is a download ‘loop’ problem, many instances and versions reported. Happening to me now, and tried another computer here, which does exactly the same, and worse, zeroing the 10th little file downloading,

this is most likely a bug in download install manager, which has a CRC problem in the back traffic, and which is in the connection from the MS servers to the computers, which causes Install manager to delete the package which is an extremely extravagant bug.

Nothing to do with your PC or your router, it’s a beyond horrible.

I wonder how many people are actually affected by this and how long it is going to go on for.

I saw another thread where somebody has been trying this for two weeks now, gee that’s just not acceptable.

Ridiculous stuck in a loop at download…is anyone doing something about this ???

Just received my new GPU to be able to play mfs20 again, and now I have exactly the same issues. I also tried reinstalling the game but now it needs to download 135GB… and it stops at the first file.

Is it possible that this problem is router/network related? since I am experiencing the same problem on a other pc in this network.