Can't Install on a New Computer

I am not a gamer, but I’ve been using MSFS for several years now with a nice cockpit setup that is a mix of Honeycomb and Logitech. I decided to get a much better computer in order to run the sim on higher settings. Went from GTX 1640 to 4070, i9 13th Gen, etc. a pretty hot brand-new computer.

Years ago when I first set up the sim, I simply paid then downloaded the Deluxe version, set up a gametag, and started flying, working through a lot of problems and updates, and flew a fair bit. I honestly don’t remember if I ever had a physical disc or not. Now that I have changed computers, I have literally no idea how to actually install the game and get flying. I keep trying the Xbox approach, and even though it seems to recognize my login, I keep getting an error message that only says there was a problem try again later.

Isn’t there a way to just download the “game” and enter my login to start flying?

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Install the Xbox app and sign into it using the same gamer tag - Xbox account - you used to buy MSFS with. Assure also the MS Store app is also signed into the same account.

Install from the Xbox app.