Can't interact with switch panel on Cessna 172 SkyHawk

I’m leraning to configure and use MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager ad I’ve succesfully configured the software so that the G1000 PFD panel is popped out rightly on my Cessna 172 SkyHawk.
However I can’t interact in anyway with all switches on the switch panel (master switches, light, etc…) , neither by touch panel, nor by mouse.
Exactly when the mouse hover on every switch or I touch its on the touch panel, the switches are blue highlighted but I can’t change its state.
Any idea ?
Thanks in advance

What are you using to “interact” with the Virtual Cockpit?

I understand you have Pop out Manager and pop everything out (the G1000). But are you using Air Manager and Air Manager instruments to interact?

MSFS also does not work with touch screens (natively) you need to enable touch via pop out manager, but still, you need Air Manager to make all this work.

Hi skypilots.
Thanks for you reply.
I’ve noted this behaviour even if I don’t start Air Manager.
Anyway I’ll try to follow your suggestions.

If you’re using Air Manager and are on Discord hit up this channel.

Lots of us there to help you.

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