Can't land A320

I doubt this is something I am doing wrong. I’m flying the A320 coming in for final approach around 3500 feet, drop my gear then I lower flap one notch and the ■■■■ plane starts a rapid climb to over 6000 feet. I can’t believe they have released this with so many bugs. Well that’s Microsoft for you. They let the buying public look for all the bugs.


Something drastically changed with the A320 with the last patch. With AP off, when I start to pull the nose up to flare, with throttle at idle,the plane floats at 120 kts, and it won’t descend without pushing the nose down. Then when attempting to get the nose back, the plane bounces violently on the runway.


Same problem here.

When using flap 1 @ 190 speed the a320 climbs dramatically and the speed drops down.
Seems like a automatic trim-problem. Flap 2-4 no problems.

Tried with autopilot off, thrust management off - same problem.

Hope they fix it soon, in former version, there was no problem with this.


Have you checked your APPR phase on the PERF page?

What’s the speed set for F, S, and O flaps?

I have experienced the same issue. The Airbus is unflyable at the moment. Cannot land at all.

When I set the flaps the aircraft goes up and down to keep the speed instead of controlling and regulating the speed with the engines.


That doesn’t matter in this case. I have been flying the A320 neo for months (in X-PLANE and before the latest patch) and I was able to land it smoothly. Before the latest patch I was even able to have my smoothest landings in history.

Keep your thrust in CL until you hear retard and stay in managed mode.

Weird, I’ve been flying the same way before and after the patch, and I don’t notice any different… Actually the difference I noticed is that the pitch is more correct than before the patch, since before I have to change my VAPP to control my pitch… now the VAPP is correct from the get go, and I can land them smoothly more often than before the patch.


Just did a 320 landing over the weekend, perfectly smooth without issue.

If I remember right when I set first stage of flaps there may have been a very slight ballooning but quickly sorted itself out. I usually pull flaps 1 about ~10 miles out.

Yes, I have the same problem, the plane uses mostly pitch to control speed.
It’s noticeable in all phases of flight, but reaaly annoying during the approach.

Check that your flight MODEL is “MODERN”…

Somehow I find this very hard to believe. Maybe you didn’t get the update. All I know is before the update, I flew the 320 and was really enjoying it. Now it is a useless plane. I am not the only one and I have not done anything different with the exception of the update. So you are either very lucky or you didn’t get the update.

I’m actually more inclined towards us having a different flying style when it comes to the A320. I use managed mode entirely almost every flight. I never use V/S, I don’t use managed heading and managed airspeed unless I have issues with the nav (which happens very rarely), and I properly input my parameters into my MCDU at the start of every flight. I also don’t use any other addons other than the A32NX mod, which I use the developer version that I update daily.

I’m also on Modern flight model, and I use the built in world map to create my flight plan and I use the default ATC too.

It might be broken when you fly it with your own flying style, but it’s not broken for my flying style, and I fly them every day, and my broadcast is public on Steam whenever I’m online that everyone is free to jump in.

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Managed speed doesn’t work for me, I end up using selected . Not sure how to put it into FMC.

This is key, especially properly configuring your MCDU. Then, managed mode should work like a charm. Completed 7 flights in the past week and a half without the landing issue.

You don’t “put” managed speed into the FMC, it’s automatically calculated based on the other factors you put into the MCDU INIT page. Things like Cost Index, cruising altitude, ZFW/ZFWCG, and Block. The values from here will derive the most optimal managed speed for take off, climbing, cruising, descending, and approach.

As @noballer08 said. You configure these values properly into the MCDU, the managed mode will work flawlessly from take off to landing.

Ok so what do I put as cost, block, and zfw?

OK…find solution…as said in others posts, simply put in General > Flight Model > “Modern” (instead of “Legacy”), and it will work…RESOLVED!!!

Cost is a performance factor, normal areas can be in the 30% range
Block is your current fuel weight in kg.(It is in kg on your ECAM fuel readout)
ZFW (Zero Fuel Feight) is the total of your plane’s basic weight and your payload (passengers, cargo and pilots in MSFS) again in kg.(you need to convert, MSFS is only in pounds, 2.2 lbs/kg). You can get those weights from the fuel menu, but you have to add the two (ZFW + PL) together.
FYI, ZFW + payload = Gross Weight, and
Gross Weight - taxi fuel=TOW or Take Off Weight.

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seems it might be in tonns because it displays as a two digit number when I press zfw buttin twice.