Cant launch MFS after an update message

I attempted to start MFS today 8th Sept 2021, but was stopped with a message.
Before I selected OK I removed all addons from my community folder as advised. On selecting OK I was directed to the Microsoft store when there was no update available ever though MFS was shown to be installed. I have tried to start MFS several times but get the same resault.
Any help most appreciated.

Go over to the AVSIM community forum. Lots there on the subject and fixes

This has been the same for me for the last 3 updates (including this one). None of the suggested fixes worked for me and I’ve had to uninstall and re-install each time. It’s very frustrating that this basic function is broken but I tell myself it’s worth it! :slight_smile:

Same problem. Please help.

If you have the “Xbox Console Companion” app installed, use that to logout from Xbox account and it’ll give you the option to install the new Xbox app.

As soon as you login in with that new app, sync issues get resolved and the sim update appears in MS Store.

Well, that fixed it for me, YMMV

Thanks for your reply. Yes I have the Xbox Console Companion app installed. How do I use it to logout from Xbox. Do I just terminate?

Xbox companion app didnt work for me. Try installing Xbox app from the store, sign into it then goto store updates. That has now worked for me

Ok Thanks. I have Xbox app installed. do I completly uninstall it and then reinstall from the store and look for updates?

Yes you could try that. There are two. The Xbox app and the Xbox companion app. I didnt have the xbox app(only the companion app). I then added this from the store, signed in. Ran check for updates again from the store and MSFS is now updating

For the first time, I have update issues as well. Store doesn’t see an available update, using the Xbox app didn’t help.

I’ll probably reinstall the whole game, although, after finding out the altitude bug is still there, I’m considering cancelling my Xbox Game Pass and maybe coming back to it next year.

Got it. Not sure what I did right, signed in and out of Xbox a few times, Launched the game from Xbox and then went to the store and the update just popped up. Amazing. Anyway thanks for all the help, most appreciated when these things happen.

I have the same problem.

Thanks a lot! I suspected it to be an update rollout issue before digging around in the forums a bit. It seems indeed that updating/reinstalling the Xbox app causes a chain of game updates to become available in the store, msfs included in my case.

I have the same problem. But there it´s not resolved with the Xbox-App. After installing it and starting FS out of the app, ther is no update in the store. Are there any other sugesstions?

Coud access to download update but it failed and now I have to download 65go at 2.5 Mbits/s !!! to reinstall and I’m stuck in file fs-base-cgl-0.1.63.fspackage.002 . (24 hours dowloading for first file 1.86 Go !!!)
I never coud really play this game , always had problems , CTD …
I think I’ll go back to P3D soon , at least the leave us free to update or no …
By the way , if someone coud really explain how to solve this problem (new PC , up to date , no internet connection problem) , he or she will be welcome . Thanks

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Cant download it doesnt even show up will ck AVASIM for some fixes Yea friends have gone back to Prepar3CV4.5 even the Prepar3DV5 is giving them a headache so they have abandoned it as well and uninstalled MFS2020 real mess these day

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