Can't launch MSFS from desktop

I click the MSFS shortcut on the task bar, here comes this screen instead of the familiar Flight Simulation interface.
Before I submit a report to Zendesk, does any one know an easy fix?

Exactly the same issue been trying for the last 4 hours same result as above a fix would be great as msfs just will not load very annoying

I’m also unable to launch the sim after the update. It tries to load the first screen, then shuts to desktop.

Took a while but got my son on the case and he updated windows 10 and it downloaded and now works hope this is of some use

i think you need to get this gaming service update first, install it and proceed from there

Updated windows but the download of game service can’t be completed, error, guess my only option is zen desk

Game services download error, any idea?

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