Can't move ingame Windows (ATC, Checklist etc) in VR

Hi all,

since the update today i have in VR the problem, that i can’t move the ingame menue (ATC, Checklist etc.)
I also just can open the different menues with the keys and mouse it not working in it.

If i open the cheklist in the A320 NX (FBW) I also can’t choose any point in the checklist.

Yesterday everything was fine with the the Oculus Rift S. Today it didn’t work with the Oculus and also with the Reverb G2.

Is here anybody else who have this problem?


Yes I have the same problem, yesterday worked fine with the G2, now can’t move the menu, lost throttle connection, and I just decided to quit in frustration.

Updates shouldn’t break things that are already working!

Same here, have done the ‘reset mouse to default’ trick, no different. Do they even test this stuff.

They are becoming like EA… add more new stuff, break stuff, and dont fix old stuff.

Be sure to upvote the bug to get their attention. Up to 47 at the moment.


Same here. Not flyable anymore in VR. Also frequent connection losses. UD7 is a huge step backwards now. What went wrong?

I have the same problem with the mouse after update 7. Also the world isn´t turning whit the mouse when selecting a departure in free flight. I can not make a yoke invisible anymore in VR.
An other thing is the bushtrips. While the bushtrip legs could not be finished, I flew into a tunnel for fun in the Denmark bushtrip. But the tunnel was a dead end. Then I crashed in the tunnel and now the bushtrip starts at the point where I crashed, not able to get out of the tunnel…

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Press Shift +C for the checklist and middle of 3 keys next to PrintScr for ATC.
They will fix this

but you can’t then expand any of the checklists to use them

Yup. All set to try my Hornet, then this…What happened to beta testing?


Yes have the same issue, menus in VR using mouse are not working cant move or select any item but they are ok out of VR; this only has happened after update; maybe related to VR controller implementation which also is not working as per mouse controller, cant select or move menus Agggh!

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You’ll have to go back to the previous leg and refly it and then do the new leg without the tunnel attempt this time.

it was the first leg

Same here. Almost unplayable at this point. As much as I love this game, it’s frustrating that after every update something is always breaking.

It takes 30-40 min just resetting everything up to have a decent flight.

continuing to have the same issue :confused:

SCRLK for COM menu: it pops up, at mouse-over the “clickable” item is highlighted / boxed… but no action on left click ; right click let the mouse arrow dissapear! No moving the menu out of the center of screen. While next to the “minimize” icon the mouse arrow changes to 4 little arrows in a cross (Move It)… it doesn’t work!
V for map: it shows up… mouse wheel zooms in/out, but no click on the buttons or moving the map out of the way.

I am currently using the flight school VR in order to land correctly. All the voice instructions are pasted in front of my vue so I can see the runway at the best with complicated contortions to look around the unnecessary window. It does have a close box, but it does not respond to any mouse nor controller. How can I get it away, preferably permanently?

I had the same issue. I got rid of it by “checking the MOUSE is set to DEFAULT and not on a specific profile” and, if it is… click the button I would use for Page Back while browsing a web site.

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