Cant move, main tires are rolling but the plane remains stationary

I dont want to deal with this is it a bug or just an annoying feature you activate by using the keyboard
Imagine the tires spinning on this picture

Is this with all aircraft or just with certain third party airplanes?

You have Active Pause enabled. Turn that off


I can confirm I had this issue, I taxi to runway stopped…then I would not move, despite full throttle. I did not have active pause. What I had todo was press esc then resume. But caused other issuses my takeoff flaps went back to zero. My planE was FBW A320, was also using Fs2crew for FBW.

Dunno after convincing myself to restart the game and set everything up again it worked. So I dont think there is a quick way to replicate this

I wouldnt put my hand in the fire about that but I think I turned it off. It was annoying bcs there are only like the parking brake, normal brake and pause so I think I would have checked that. But in the end in active pause you can do everything and that the tires are rolling could happen with 3rd party planes so maybe

As I dont know whether the issue will happen again so I think Ill close the topic. Or you could further keep the topic running

Its not happened with any other planes was flying the CRJ earlier with no issues, so happy :blush: for the topic to be closed.

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